The mission continues

Since the time of quarantine when many people were wondering what next, we quickly moved to a virtual platform. Thank God for the availability of this technology, it has been of great use.

We glorify God for protection, provision and everlasting love that endures forever. He has kept us up to this time. As we continue to adapt to new changes around the globe in this season, we also continue to learn new ways of sharing the Gospel. Our mission continues to be fulfilled even in the midst of COVID -19.  We call upon our members to keep learning new methods of sharing the gospel with people as well as grow in the knowledge of God and his purpose despite the uncertainty of time.

Last 15/8/2020 we had the historical GBUR family fellowship event. But this time around it was a virtual gathering. We met on zoom and discussed the theme “The meaning and purpose of marriage amidst uncertainties”. The testimonies we received after the event prove that We hope and believe participants, though they missed the time to socialize and play together, enjoyed the teaching with our brother Lambert BARIHO and John NG’ANG’A .

Marriage is a calling and so does singleness; in our African Rwandan context, there is a certain age we reach and everybody is expecting you to get married, you start facing a lot of pressure from friends and family.  More to that, there is this belief that marriage is a blessing so when you are single at that age you are cursed until when you get married. So that blindfolds and you don’t see, appreciate and enjoy all blessings that God is giving you in your singleness. It is like life is on hold until the right person comes in your life. But understanding this truth that marriage and singleness are both callings from God and you are blessed either way helped me to understand and see life with different lenses and it brought a lot of peace in my heart as a single waiting on God.  

One participant shared

The impact of the ministry even when done in a virtual setting proves the unchanging power of the Gospel even in changing times. We want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who attended the seminar and if you missed the seminar you can read through the presentations here:

Discipling children in a home setting webinar

Our next seminar will cover the theme of discipling children in a home setting. It will happen on September 19, 2020 from 3pm to 5pm. We will use zoom as the meeting platform. You need to register here to get the Meeting ID and password. Only registered participants will be allowed to participate via zoom.

Register here to attend the meeting :

Prayer with us

Pray for student as time to be home continue to increase that they may continue to be hopeful in God and have a desire to love him.
Pray for individuals who have lost their source  of livelihoods due to COVID -19.
Pray for GBUR staff as they continue to serve God in this season.
Pray for the impact of the message shared in monthly online seminars.

Support us

We are able to do what we do because of your support. GBUR appreciates your support to the ministry through prayer, finance, or a word of encouragement. You can send your financial contribution via MoMo pay. Dial *182*8*028038#