After School, students who Graduate do not disappear. They join Graduates Ministry. With Graduates ministry, members continue to grow together through Graduates cells that meet every months for fellowship and Bible Study. They contribute money to support the ministry to the students. They also act as agents of godly transformation in their families, churches and professions.

Graduates are also involved in different GBUR activities including annual events and other transformational areas of students ministry such as STEM (Short Term Experience in Ministry) and ATS (Associate Training Secretary).

STEM Short Term Experience in Ministry

The Purpose
In GBUR, STEM program was inaugurated in 2005. It has a twofold purpose: (1)Provide a staff team to disciple students at the campus. (2)Equip fresh graduates into mature Christian leaders to influence the church and society. It is geared towards giving young graduates an opportunity to serve God in the Church and society on a short-term basis.

The Need
With the increase of the number of GBUs, GBUR training secretaries were finding it difficult to effectively disciple the students. This is a bit easier for a campus staff living in close proximity to the students.
With our vision “to be agents of Godly transformation in church and society” there is a need for trained, mature Christian leaders to influence Church and society.
STEM allows fresh graduates to undergo a rigorous discipleship /mentoring program to prepare them as Christian leaders. STEM is primarily for “training” – to develop Christian character and shape the values of those who go through the program.

The Setting 
STEMers can work in two different settings: (1)As a campus staff living in close proximity to the student to know their needs, assist and recommend suitable discipleship program. (2)As an office staff serving at GBUR office according to his/her area of interest and expertise.

ATS Associate Training Secretary

Who are they?
An Associate Training Secretary is a graduate member of GBUR, available and able to serve in students ministry as a part time staff of GBUR without a salary, willing to use his free time and money to minister among students for one year or more.

Why ATS?
Due to financial constraints, GBUR cannot afford to increase the number of staff as the ministry grows. GBUR thought therefore of partnering with resource individuals who can minister to students using their own skills, time and money.

What to do?
According to their abilities, ATS carry out trainings in Evangelism, Discipleship, Leadership development and Missions. They offer seminars for different topics. They visit GBUs at campus and mentor student leaders. 
ATSs can also be involved in discipling small groups of students.
ATSs can play an advisory role to the staff or student executive committee on ministry issues. 
ATSs can also avail themselves to visit and preach in GBUs.
ATSs can also provide technical skills to the office according their area of gifting and professionalism.

How to do it?
Any graduate member of GBUR who wants to serve as ATS is to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with GBUR. Then, they receive an orientation training. Through the orientation training, they also establish an action plan specifying what will be done and who will be involved and how. ATSs are then to be involved in GBU ministry according to their areas of interest. They work as a supporting staff to GBUR staff.

Graduate annual events

Genocide commemoration
Every year within 100 days, GBUR family organizes a day to come together to remember our leaders and members who were killed in the genocide perpetrated against Tutsi in 1994.

CAMP Christ Ambassadors in Market place
Every year, GBUR graduates from all professions come together to think and discuss about how they can be better ambassodors of Christ in the Market place.

Family fellowship
Every year on August 15, GBUR graduates and their families come together to celebrate a Christian family and discuss strategies to maintain Christian families in the next generation.

General Assembly
Every year, the whole GBUR, including students and graduates, come together to celebrate what they have achieved in that year, evaluate the reports and to set goals for the following year.

Requirements to join graduates ministry

1. Born again Christian
2. Member of a local church which is not a sect
3. Agree and committed to the vision and the faith statement of GBUR
Our Vision: For every graduate and every student, to be agent of Godly transformation in church and society.
4. Embrace the Doctrinal Basis of GBUR:

a. The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit are one in the Godhead
b. The Holy Scriptures, as originally given, are divinely inspired and entirely trustworthy; the alone have supreme authority in all matters of faith and conduct.
c. God is sovereign in regard to Creation Redemption, and Judgment.
d. Since the fall, all men are universally sinners and guilty before God and are therefore subject to God’s wrath and condemnation.
e. Jesus Christ, The incarnate Son of God has undergone that condemnation, dying on the Cross as our representative and substitute; it is only through that atoning death that God delivers us from sin.
f. Jesus-Christ was bodily raised from the dead and ascended to the right hand of the father.
g. By His grace, God justifies the sinner through faith alone
h. The Holy Spirit accomplishes the work of regeneration.
i. The Holy Spirit indwells and works in every true believer.
j. The holy, one and universal church to which belong all true believers is the Body of Christ.
k. The church expects the return in person of Jesus Christ.

5. Give a Membership Contribution of 10,000 RWF and a Freewill Contribution depending on one’s capacity.
6. Be involved in at least one of graduate transformational areas of ministry (belong to graduate cell)
7. Fill our online registration form.