Cross-cultural missions

For this is what the Lord has commanded us: ´I have appointed you to be a light for the Gentiles, to bring salvation to the ends of the earth.

Acts 13.47

We, in GBUR, develop the awareness of the need and the readiness of sharing the gospel in a cross-cultural context. We believe mission is the climax of Discipleship. Therefore, we want our students not only to be good disciples who live and love the Word of God but also to be ready to share the Gospel and make disciples in a cross-cultural context.

In order to raise cross-cultural mission awareness and equip members to reach the nations, different activities are organized including mission awareness conferences like CMAGRAL, Kairos courses, mission exposure trips, mission weeks on campus even evangelistic outreach in rural areas.

CMAGRAL Conference

CMAGRAL stands for Conference Missionnaire d´ Afrique de Grands Lacs, CMAGRAL is organized by and brings together GBUs of Rwanda, Burundi and Eastern DR Congo. The following are the main objectives of CMAGRAL.

Reconciliation of GBU members and university communities of the Great Lakes sub-region in order to serve as catalysis of reconciliation to other students and Christians. CMAGRAL is a forum where participants face the reality of reconciliation and bring the message in the surroundings.

Raising awareness to the crying need to take the gospel of Jesus -Christ in its wholeness in our ´Christianized´ environment but also in the places which have not yet heard of Jesus.

Partnerships in common evangelistic initiatives in the cross cultural context based on available opportunities, in the Great lakes sub region and beyond.

Kairos course

God’s ultimate purpose is to have a people, recreated in Christ, representing all nations on earth, who are fully yielded to His kingship and whose all- consuming passion is to glorify Him and become an extension on His divine purpose and training.

Kairos reader

KAIROS is a dynamic course which takes participants through 8 exciting lessons delivered on multi media. It clearly shows four revolutionary perspectives of missions- Biblical, historical, strategic and cultural. Amongst many other things, the course shows God’s missionary heart-prints covering the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. It is an international course used to mobilize the Church to be involved in God’s purpose of reaching unreached.

It is an intensive course of 5days. Most GBUs organize it at the end of the academic year. Students commit to stay at the campus for 5 days before their long holiday. The GBU Committee raise funds for the budget of the Course and participants (students) pay for Kairos materials.

Mission exposure trip

Looking at the Rendille’s lifestyle, I have realized that it is possible for a person to be born and die lost with no clue about the savior because they have been no one to witness to him.”

Bahati -a student after mission expure trip to Rendille people of Northern Kenya

It is one thing to read about the unreached and missions and it is another thing to see the unreached and to interact with people who live with them daily. Mission Exposure Trip are organized in order to add a live experience to the learning. So far we have been able to send teams to the Least reached people of Northern Kenya and South Sudan.

Mission exposure trips are organized in partnership with other mission agencies. Participants raise the necessary budget for the planned trip. The lasts around two weeks. On their way, participants visits different mission agencies. At the mission field, they interact with missionaries and minister alongside them whenever possible.

Outreach in rural areas

While a large part of Rwanda is still rural, some of GBU members have no idea what life is like in countryside of Rwanda. Yet, these are the people we are expecting to be agents of godly transformation in that society. GBU members need to be helped to understand life in the countryside of Rwanda. Furthermore, the churches in those areas are still few both in numbers and membership. They need to be helped to enhance their ability to evangelize and follow up of new converts. Outreach in rural areas was born to provide solutions for both problems.

In an Outreach, GBU members are accommodated in normal families in the countryside the whole time of the outreach. Thus, they learn the realities and challenges of the family’s daily living. A couple of evangelistic activities are organized by students and church members to evangelize the community and to train church members to effectively evangelize and follow up on new converts. With both experience, through an outreach in rural area, participants are give a taste of cross-cultural missions. They raise funds for the project, leave their comfort zone, and go in a different environment for the sake of the gospel.

As a matter of funding and organization, GBU in consultation with local churches identifies needs in the area. The right strategies to address them are developed and the budget is set. GBU raises funds for the needed budget, if possible the church may also top up. GBU provides a team of students to do the task. The church provides the team to partner with students and families to host them.

Activities organized include but are not limited to: crusades, door to door evangelism, streets preaching, follow up of new converts trainings, effective evangelism trainings, healing & reconciliation workshops and other humanitarian acts.

As a result, the church is empowered. People are reached with the gospel. GBU members are equipped for missions. The cooperation between the church and GBU is emphasized.