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  • Newsletter June 2022

    As we start a new academic year, we can confidently say that God is making something new (Isaiah 43:19). He has given GBUR a new strategic plan to guide our ministry for the next five years. He has called a new group of campus staff into student ministry. And now, the Lord is using these campus staff, and different activities organized by GBUs, to call more students to himself. 35 have given their life to Christ since March 2022. Among other things, this is a result of the new strategic plan being implemented.

  • Newsletter February 2022

    One of the realities of student ministry is that every year comes with its own challenges. We always have a new cohort of students joining the university and becoming members of GBU, who are also welcomed by newly elected GBU leaders. This year, we also have new leaders for graduates and NEC. While the newness of the leading teams can be alarming to the conservative among us, it is always an opportunity to, learn from our mistakes, aim higher and try to do better.