GBUR’s evangelistic activities aim at ensuring that every person in our field is reached with the gospel and is faced with a personal invitation to receive Christ.

GBUR Evangelistic activities

Every evangelistic activity in GBU, should be organized following the principle of 45-10-45. This means 45% of the effort is invested in preparing for the activity, 10% of the effort in carrying out the activity and 45% in the follow up. GBUR evangelistic activities includes but are not limited to:

Friendship evangelism

Most of the time people reject not the Gospel but the package in which we offer it. While this is real with cross-cultural mission, it may serve as warning for all matters of evangelism. We have to first build a kind of bridges of trust that bear the weight of truth. Therefore, we train our members so that they do evangelism and follow-up of new converts as a lifestyle.

Friendship evangelism is all about building relationship with people in our surroundings with the intention to share the Gospel. Friendship evangelism begins with us having a deep and viable relationship with the living God. Such a relationship produces an environment of mutual trust and respect where the best evangelism takes place.

while the church suffers the tyranny of postmodern gospel that changed the preaching ministry into an art of persuasion, friendship evangelism relies on evangelistic bible study. Where the participants naturally get to know Jesus Christ from scripture.

Door to door evangelism

At the campus, many are students who find no interest in attending church program. In order to give them a chance to hear the good news, we encourage and equip GBU members to take the gospel to their doorsteps. That is door to door evangelism.

As a matter of follow up, those who accepted Christ as Lord and savior are encouraged to join programs for new believers such as discipleship class and small groups of bible study. Those who happened to be receptive to the message but still not ready to decide are encouraged to explore more in a seekers’ bible study.

Evangelistic Campaign

An evangelistic campaign in GBU, is a combination of different evangelistic activities during a period of time such as a week or two, with the aim of proclaiming the good news of salvation to the campus and its surroundings using whichever means available and effective. Whenever it is possible and does not compromise the gospel preached, GBU can partner with other Christian associations in the campus and beyond to join force so that together they may get more harvest.

The number of evangelistic activities in an evangelistic campaign varies from GBU to GBU. Those activities include but are not limited to: crusades, concerts, door to door evangelism, street preaching, evangelism through sport games, tracts distributions, seminars and humanitarian activities.

Outreach in high school

Tomorrow’s university is in high school today. Therefore every GBU is encouraged to reach out at minimum one or two high school in its neighbourhood. High school outreach is done through frequent visits, collaboration in evangelistic activities, and training and advising the leadership.