Article by Ndiritiro Jeovanie and Tuyihanzamaso Patrick two of the participants.
GS Samson Rukundo, giving opening remarks and introducing speakers

This conference was organized by GBUR  for the purpose of equipping  fresh graduates on how to live after school. It was also a time to get to know those who want to continue  serving  God in this  ministry. Life after campus conference is an annual event. However, due to Covid it didn’t happen for the last two years. Which is why in this year there were graduates from previous class and 86 participants attended. They came from colleges and universities all over the country where GBU ministry is present.

The participants expressed their gratitude to the organizers of this conference. They shared that they have found it very helpful in preparing them on how to live as Christians in the real world outside the campus. The conference was an amazing time to learn about the corporate world and what it takes to be faithful witness in it. The speakers did a great job explaining what the world outside the campus look like from different fields of studies. It helped the participants to meet and interact with people who earn a living by doing things that the participants have only been learning in school.

Dominique Ntirushwa, one of the graduates lead a session on ministry continuity

Ikirezi Giselle a finalist from UR Busogo said that she had learned a lot of things from different lessons taught. She said she now knows how she can live a life that pleases God outside the campus. The lessons and advices she has received from this conference are very important and her prayer is that those who are still at campus should also have the opportunity to attend such conference. Because it changed her life.

Finalist students taking photo with one of their staff (photo by enos)

Jean Claude Ndayizeye, a fresh graduate from Rwamagana, explained that the reason why he thinks that this conference was needed is because most people graduate without knowing what the outside world looks like before hand. “For me, this conference has opened my eyes. I had a lot of fear. But now, I am encouraged. I have realized that life is possible. I also didn’t know how I can continue to serve God in this ministry of GBUR. But now I know.” He said.

Describing the heart behind this conference, NZOGIROSHYA Theoneste, who is currently serving as the graduates ministry coordinator, said that they prepared this conference in line with GBUR’s vision of seeing students and graduates become agents of godly transformation in church and society. “One of the things we do is to help students in their final year know where they are going and connecting them with their older brothers and sisters who have done it before. We do that through the sharing of experiences on how to be effective in the workplace and still maintain Christian values. Which is what we meant by this year’s theme: faithful witness. We also want you to know: GBU ministry does not end in university.” He emphasized.

Theoneste, introducing the conference schedule
At the end of the conference all participants took a group photo.