GBUR’s impact on Pacifique Bisangwa, co-founder@ Tubasange

Bisangwa Pacifique co-founder @ TUBASANGE

How would you describe your experience as a student and a member of GBU ?  Tell us whether you were a believer before going to campus or you received Jesus at the campus. If you were a believer before the campus, what contribution did GBU make in your life as a believer? If you received Jesus once at the campus, how did it happen and how was your life changed?

I went to campus in 2008 and I was believer, I believed when I was a 12 years but my discipleship started to take root in high school where I met friends who taught me the basic discipline of a follower of Christ like the discipline of personal prayer and reading the word of God but it is when I finished high school before joining university that Asnath Uwizeye who was working with GBUR at that time told me that there is a discipleship class that was led by a Nigerian missionary Musa Garkida and the class was happening every Saturday and I attend and was the youngest person in the class and from there I came to learn so much and was amazed how I have a been Christian who grew up in the church and have not heard what I was learning in that discipleship class.  What helped most in that discipleship class is the simple lifestyle and testimony of this missionary couple, I could see in them the humility, wisdom and knowledge of the word of God that I have never seen in any other person that I knew.

When I went to Campus and I immediately joined GBU and I did not struggle to understand the vision; I was given leadership role since the first year and was exposed to different trainings and conferences that shape the Biblical worldview in me.  I spent most of my time in campus serving as a GBU president and that gave me more opportunity to grow in my walk with Lord and shape my character and gave me a glimpse of calling after campus life. 

How would you describe your experience as a staff of GBUR? Having served as a campus staff in the STEM program how did it shape your walk with God? Did that experience contribute to the person you are today as a founder of TUBASANGE? If yes tell us how, if not help us understand why. 

In 2011, I attend the Commission Conference organized by FOCUS/ GBU- Kenya.  At the End of the Conference I sense the call to join the Ministry of GBUR Rwanda to work as a campus staff (STEM Program) but before I joined I also attended the Kairos Course in 2012 and become the Facilitator and as I facilitate the course the passion for mission kept burning in me and in 2013 while I was staff, I went to a cross cultural mission exposure organized by GBUR. 

It was an experience that change my life, to see people who don’t know Christ and who have no Bible in their language. We went among the Rendile of North East Kenya and since then my life has never been the same, I knew that I am called to mobilize and help other how they can live a life on mission with God by seeing all the nations reached by the Gospel of Christ.    

As a mission mobilizer, I was not working full time with GBUR but I was available most of the time as an ATS and Kairos national coordinator. My role from that time was to go in different part of the Country doing mission seminars and trainings.  The vision was to see other sphere of the Church in Rwanda being mobilized also; not just the students and members of GBU and that is how the ministry kept growing until 2018 when the National coordination team of Kairos was reflecting on the next phase of Mobilization in Rwanda and come to a conclusion that we need a ministry that will keep the vision of Mobilization as well training and taking care of the missionaries. And that is when we got the name TUBASANGE which is an indigenous mission agency in Rwanda that seek to mobilize, train and Send Rwandan missionaries in partnership with local Churches.

Having the experience you have today both in life and ministry what advice would you give to someone joining GBU at the campus today? How about someone who is graduating this year having tested the joy of serving  God at the campus but currently feeling confused about what to do next.

First, remember that the 1st thing that brought you to campus is to study. Make sure that you are not being overwhelmed by the busyness of GBU and forget the primary reason why you are in that campus. Do not study for the sake of getting good or the best marks but rather make sure you understand what you are studying and how you will apply or use them for the glory of God and the expansion of his kingdom.

Second, Serve the Lord faithfully in Campus and attend every trainings and conference organized by GBUR.  I realized that GBU members who don’t attend trainings and conferences, they never get to understand the vision and mission of this ministry and they don’t get the Biblical worldview that I was talking about. 

If you put in practice these 2 advices, after your graduation, you will have both tools (Academic skills and spiritual growth) that will help you to be agent of Godly transformation in the Church and society. If you have graduated and have failed in one of these areas and both by the grace of God you can still seek ways to grow through other ministries and Churches and learn new professional skills that you can use in life. After all, we never stop learning. 

Tell us about the work that you are doing as TUBASANGE? What do you exactly do and how can our followers or anyone who will read this article through our website be part of TUBASANGE’s ministry?

TUBASANGE does 3 things:

  1. Mobilization: Awareness of the Mission of God of seeing all the nations being reached by the Gospel. 

We do this through: 

  • Mission awareness Seminars ( teaching or Preachings ) and conferences
  • Mission mobilization training courses (Like Kairos course, Perspective course, the Big Story etc) 
  • Small group mobilization in churches using materials like “Xplore/ Sesengura.
  1. Training the workers: Equipping those who wants to Mobilize and those who wants to go as missionaries: 
  • Mobilizers training program:  We expose them to different tools that are available for mobilization.
  • Missionary training school: We are starting a missionary training program for those who are planning to Go or seeking guidance if this is what the Lord is guiding them.
  1. Sending the workers: We prepare (training and counseling) the missionary before they Go and we facilitate them in their placement in partnership with their churches and other International Sending mission Agencies and we take care of them (missionary member care) pray for them on monthly basis every 1st Sunday of the month as well as advocating for financial support . 

You can be part of this work as full time, part time or volunteer for any of these 3 areas. You can mobilize your church and friends to do some of the mobilization courses like Kairos course or by connecting us with them. You can also gather a small group and lead them through Sesengura if you have done it yourself. We are called to participate in the mission by Going or Sending (Praying for the missionaries and supporting them financially), if you don’t know where to start you can contact us by visiting our website: