August 2021, Updates from graduates

Graduate prayer meeting

On 13th August 2021 graduate met on zoom to pray together. It was a time to express our joy and burdens to our Creator and fellowshipping together though it was virtual. We prayed for different prayer requests and had a devotion about integrity with Pastor Didier from Gikondo cell.

GBUR Family fellowship

On 15th August 2021, 61 graduate come together on zoom in our GBUR family  fellowship. The family fellowship is an annual event bringing together graduate and their family member to reflect on the Biblical mandate of a Christian family. It allows GBUR members from different generations to connect. For this year it was organised under the theme of “Raising a pure generation.” Despite the pandemic we managed to get together and fellowship, though virtually. Our speaker, the former general secretary Phocas, reminded us the philosophy behind GBUR family fellowship day. The family fellowship stands on three objectives: Reinforce godly centred families where younger people learn from older people, unity across generations of graduates, time to celebrate God’s faithfulness, relax, connect, and celebrate unity across denominations. You can access the presentation through this link:

Webinar on “Reading the Bible with Joy”

In order to equip and refresh our members in scripture engagement, we organize a seminar on August 28, 2021. The facilitator Ricardo Borges, IFES associate secretary for scripture engagement, helped us to remember that “the joy of reading the Bible comes from journeying with those who went before us, influencers who inspired us, reading the Bible in community, being guided by the Holy Spirit, reading it with a new freshness, reading the bible in mission”. They are things to consider my journey with God’s word, exploring our motivation, exploring our expectations, listening carefully and responding with obedience. As sign of impact of the webinar, one participant committed “Reading the Bible with the intention of listening what God is telling me instead of reading for purpose of teaching others”, another said “I am reminded that my Bible reading is interacting with person of God, I have to do it with pleasure, regularly with enjoyment”.