Ezra Generation Conference

Ezra 7.10: Now Ezra had dedicated himself to the study of the law of the LORD, to its observance, and to teaching its statutes and judgments in Israel.

Ezra Generation Conference was born from consultations held in the 3rd UGBR national conference in 2005. This was after realizing that the church needs to return to the Bible as their Ultimate authority.

Still today many are Christians who attend church but who know nothing about being true disciples of Christ. Reading and studying the Bible is taken as something not worthwhile by many Christians. As for church leaders, many have not been trained and don´t know how to deliver relevantly and consistently the Word of God.

This general lack of God´s Word in the church has dramatic consequences among them immaturity of Christians, lack of unity among Christian denominations, lack of authentic Christian life for this has been reduced to church programs and rituals, weak church leadership, and churches that are not focused in terms of what is their main call or reason of being.

Through EZRA generation conference, GBUR seek to raise a generation that is passionate about God´s word after the pattern of Ezra by studying it, practicing it and teaching it; so that the church of Christ might be "thoroughly equipped for every good work" and therefore make a difference in our society. We seek to see the Bible being given the right place in the church.

Ezra generation conference has a threefold objective:

  • To instill passion of God´s Word among delegates
  • To equip the delegates with skills in Bible study and in expository preaching
  • To teach Christian doctrine and to help delegates develop Biblical perspectives on various contemporary issues.

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