IFES world student day in GBUR

“This was wonderful! Seeing students from different campus worshipping together, praying together, we should do this more often” Said Kamanzi GBUR campus staff.

IFES world student day in GBUR, was celebrated in regions, students from the neighboring GBUs (Christian unions) got together; the whole country met in 5 regions: central region (mostly GBUs from the capital city Kigali) met at UR-Remera campus, Eastern region met at UR-Rukara campus, Northern region met at UR-Busogo campus, Southern region met at Huye assemblies of God Church and the western region met at Ur-Nyamishaba campus.

Student in a Fellowship at UR-Nyamishaba campus

Student in a Fellowship at UR-Nyamishaba campus

At all 5 locations events were marked by students enjoying a great time together as members of the same movement, which also added another aspect on their sense of belonging; the preaching of the word of God focusing on the call to love our neighbors which was also the theme of the day; a moment to explain what is and why world student day in IFES and a prayer session for student ministry locally and world wide.

At UR-Remera campus where GBUs from the central region met, Mr. Manasseh the vice-chairman of GBUR, preached the word of God, exposing the text in Luke 15, and explaining different category of lost people who are also the first among the neighbors who need our love ; At IPRC west where GBUs from the western region were gathered, Mr. Theoneste the student ministry coordinator shared about what is and why IFES world student day Whereas at UR-Busogo campus where Northern GBUs were gathered Mr. Samson, General secretary, took some extra time after the event to listen to students sharing their challenges and prayed with them.

The event at all locations was also marked by a prayer session where students in each region were give a single country to pray for its IFES movement; central region prayed for South Sudan, eastern region for Mauritania, northern region for South Sudan, southern region for Mauritania and the Western region for Czech Republic.  While all location prayed also for GBUR’s prayer request.


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