The baptism of believers


a morning of 31st march, 14 people among which 13 were GBU members got baptized, after baptism and church service we had a holly communion where we shared bread and juice as symbols of the body of Christ that was broken for us and juice as the blood of Christ that was shed for us.

After their baptism,the son and daughters of the mighty God

in the evening we had another fellowship where people shared their testimonies of how they mate Christ and why they decided to claim it to the world through baptism.In churchAll of us rejoicing for the event

Eddy Idufashe

My name is IDUFASHE EDDY. I am born again and I fellowship from GBU Huye campus. I am grateful to God who gave me an opportunity to hear, know, understand and believe his saving Gospel when I reached in the campus through GBU. I used to think I was saved because I used to attend church every Sunday and I had been baptized while in high school but I was not really saved until I understood what salvation means and God offered me his grace to believe the gospel which I believed and became a new creature. After getting saved, I remained with a task of getting baptized again. But God convinced me to be truly baptized again for what I had done was not true baptism since I was not a true believer. I was baptized on 18th as proclamation to the world that I am no longer a slave to fear that I am a new creature, have died with Christ, buried with him, was raised with him and I am sited at his right hand spiritually. It was a eat experience and I am grateful to God and to GBU-Huye executive committed as well as Pastor of assemblies of God, who baptized me. To God alone be the Glory forever and ever. Amen

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