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The out reach to Nyaruguru was organised by GBU executive committee. It had the intentions of exposing the students to another life other than the life with students at the campus and also evangelizing the community. the team was made of 8 students.

at nyaruguru (29)

we first collected some help from students and ourselves at our campus, that includes: clothes, soaps, and other materials because we believe, what might seem small to us students might be a great gift to someone else in need. the team then departed to Nyaruguru,

at nyaruguru (16)

arriving, we could go for door to door evangelism everyday

at nyaruguru (14)

we showed the film of Jesus Christ to 2 sites (Munini and Ndago)

at nyaruguru (18)

we gave material to the believers collected before at campusat nyaruguru (12)

we taught hygiene and sanitationat nyaruguru (21)

we helped in construction of the church (Umuganda)at nyaruguru (11)at nyaruguru (22) at nyaruguru (13)


103 PEOPLE CONFESSED CHRIST AS THEIR LORD AND SAVIOR, including people who got saved after the films  (32)  at nyaruguru (24)

coming back we were all filled with joy, that the Lord was with us at every step of the way, and that people believed the Gospel. we shared our testimony, one of us says she learnt a lot, she experienced living for God’s glory, even tho the life conditions there was hard I knew what i wanted she says, and thanks to God he was with me all through. she went on and shared a story of how her heart could tell her to share the gospel to some people, and how most of the times the people she didn’t expect to actually understand, could be the ones to understand and decide to give their lives to nyaruguru (25) at nyaruguru (21) at nyaruguru (10)

Join us to spread the Gospel. He is no fool he who gives up what he can’t keep to gain what he can’t loose. life here on earth we own it temporally, but heaven’s glory will last forever.