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CMAGRAL 2018 – Discovering God’s mission in our context

August 25-30, 2018; Rwanda will host CMAGRAL, a mission conference that brings together evangelical students and graduates from Rwanda, Burundi, and Eastern DRC. CMAGRAL was premiered in July 2008 and this year it is the 6th edition under the theme “Discovering God’s mission in our context.”


In this CMAGRAL 2018, Bible Exposition will be from the book of Jonah to discover God’s missionary heart from Eden to eternity. The exposition will be done by a team of three speakers from Burundi, Cote d’Ivoire and Mauritius.  Plenary sessions will cover misunderstandings of missions, the motive, the message, and the need for missions in the great lakes. Workshops will cover different topics including: partnership; international student ministry; cross-cultural evangelism; Christian response to violence; scripture engagement; family, studies, church and missions.



CMAGRAL is also a special time to meet students and graduates from different areas, campus and countries make new connections, exchange experiences and testimonies and discuss issues that we face in our local groups.

What can you do now?

As a student or a graduate planning to attend, hurry up and register to secure your place. Registration in done online following this link: After you have secured your place, you will need to pay the registration fees (5,000 RWF or 5 USD for students and 10,000 RWF or 10 USD for graduates) and the conference fees (10,000 RWF or 15 USD for students and 20,000 RWF or 20 USD for graduates). All fees are paid through your GBU or National office.

As an organization you can contact the coordinator to support the conference and gain a post to promote your ministry to the participants. We are expecting around 150 students and graduates from Rwanda, Burundi, DRC, Cote d’ Ivoire, Mauritius and Benin.

Do not forget to share this article with your friends and family. You may not attend but you can help someone else to attend either by sharing the information or paying for him/her.

For more details please contact the conference coordinator
Mr. Theoneste Nzogiroshya
Phone: +250 788 771 576