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Discipleship Training at UR-Huye Campus, 4 got saved.


January 22-26, 2018 at University of Rwanda (UR) Huye campus there was a Discipleship Training program (DTP). DTP is an annual training organized to help students understand the great commission,  God’s heart for  his people and the balance between career, family and missions so that they can live lives devoted to God and his purpose. This year’s theme was “Evangelism as a lifestyle“. It brought together 50 participants among whom 4 got saved and many more renewed their commitments to the Lord.


Angel Akariza (photo above), one of the saved testified “Actually, I came to DTP for just to come. It is my friend who invited me. I had not believed Jesus. I was a catholic. Those things of Jesus, I did not believe in them. But she told me DTP is a training for life, which got me more confused for I asked myself what that means. But the day I came they explained how Jesus is the way, the truth… You know they were times when I felt guilty and prayed. My pray was: ‘God forgive me all my sins’ and then I would say to myself, really if God comes tonight I will go to heaven. But I discovered that Jesus is our only one access to God and that is something important in my life. You I even received him (Jesus) as Lord and Savior of my life and that is something important. DTP helped me so much. Those things of ‘quiet time’ I did not know them. Even reading the Bible, it is my first time to open the Bible in my life, even touching it, I do not know. Everything, I learned in this DTP!”


We rejoice with the saved. we are grateful for the provision. And, we appreciate our partners. Thanks to the facilitators who worked tirelessly,  namely: TURAMYIMANA Thacien, James MATUKU, SENGOGA Desire, Onesphore HAKIZIMANA, Pacifique RUBAGUMYA, Joseph NKURUNZIZA, Elisee BAHATI NTAWUHIGANAYO, Jonathan NTEZIYAREMYE, SOUVENIR Alphonsine, BORA Francois, BISANGWA Pacifique, NDARUHUYE George, NIYIBIZI Emmanuel.

To all of you, there is no bigger word than to say “God Bless You!”

Bolis Ishimwe

GBU-UR-Busogo has new leaders for 2017-2018


Saturday 6th January 2018, was a great day for GBU Busogo.  Members were full of joy as we celebrated with the new committee for the academic year 2017-2018, and appreciated the service of the outgoing committee. We call it handover party.  We organize a service in which the general secretary (G.S) shares the word of God, thanks the outgoing committee, and leads a prayer session for the new committee.

In his preaching the G.S. encouraged the new leaders with the word Isaiah 41: 14-16 that they should not fear for the Lord will make of them his instruments.  then, referring to the text in 2 Timothy 2: 1-26, he added that their number one task is to stand firm  on the truth and fight against false teachings.

In her speech, the leader of the new committee Ms. Iribagiza Grace, she said that in this year they will put more effort on evangelism, to reach as many people as we can with the gospel of Jesus Christ.


After the service all the participants came together for a fellowship and a meal. The event was concluded by a session of photos to immortalize this great day. We thank all who supported this event, those who managed to come and those who prayed, above all we thank God who enable the outgoing committee and has chosen the new one. May his name be praised.


God’s faithfulness in a changing University


With the start of the academic year 2017-2018, the University of Rwanda, the only public and the largest, announced the shifting of its schools and colleges to new campuses. Students in the same college or school were to study in the same campus. This implied the closing of some campuses, as well as the shift of students from one campus to another.

The implication to GBUR

For the closed campus, it meant the closure of GBU. While for the remaining campuses, it meant the loss of members as they shift to other campuses and the gain of new members as they join these campuses. These changes led to the closing of GBU in 5 campuses of University of Rwanda namely: Nyamishaba, Byumba, Kibungo, Rubilizi, and Nyagatare Nursing & Midwifery.

God’s faithfulness

Considering these changes, GBUR was concerned with the continuity and stability of student ministry. But, God in his faithfulness has sustained his work.

Theoneste, the student ministry coordinator says: “We are grateful to God. In his faithfulness, he had sustained the ministry. In amidst of these changes, Students from the closed GBUs managed to join GBU in their new campuses. And, we could see a great sense of ownership of the ministry by students. In some campuses, everyone could be new at this campus, yet students managed to seek one another and get together for a fellowship.”

Onesphore, a campus staff, added: ” while we were in a meeting, one student who was new at the campus, asked: ‘how can a GBU exist without Discipleship?’, and the leader answered ‘what is that Discipleship thing you keep talking about and what can it take to get one here?’ It was so amazing to see how students with different background sharpened one another. I would say that these changes tore down some strongholds that would have taken years.”

Challenges and prayer request

The reallocation of students in different campuses come with challenges to both students at the campus and the whole GBUR as a student ministry in General. Here is what you can pray for:

  • Integration: some students are yet to integrate in GBU at their new campuses
  • A heart for the lost: for students to keep reaching their fellow students instead of just enjoying the fellowship
  • GBUR: to keep up with the changes in the education system of Rwanda

GBU-KCT Wishes The Best To Its Members In The Exam


The Leadership of GBU at Kicukiro College of technology wish success to all GBU Members now that they are in the period of Exam. We are also reminding our members to worship God with our academic performance as well as all aspects of our lives. Work hard and Trust God.

President Mugisha Alain,

5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.
6 In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.Proverbs 3:5-6