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Student Ministry Impact -Testimony of Onesphore

I am Onesphore Hakizimana a graduate from UR-Nyagatare campus, College of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine (CAVM). In my final year, I felt God calling me to serve him in student ministry. I was scared because I thought to work for GBUR one has to be perfect whom I was not. I was struggling with time management and there were many things which I could hardly understand how they fit in the Christian life. However, Joining STEM was an opportunity for me to be firmly established as a disciple.

My first time at the campus

September 2016, I went back to the campus not as a student but as a GBUR campus staff.  I was passionate but with no idea where to start. I didn’t know how to plan and I couldn’t imagine what I was going to be doing with all the hours in the day while students are in class.  However, the dilemma didn’t last for long, few days later, what I thought was much time couldn’t be enough for all that needed to be done. I had to learn to plan and prioritize.

The Lord at work in me and through me

This year, I experienced the Godly transformation we dream of in me and the students around me. Through consistent and meaningful morning devotions, God dealt with every one of my confusions. Preparing and facilitating different trainings put me in a position where I could doubly enjoy the life transforming truth shared in them. Seeing students’ lives being transformed through GBU activities helped me to better understand the great commission and GBUR ministry as its application. I thank the Lord, in my financial struggles, he taught me what it means to live by faith; and He has been faithful to provide for me even through ways I couldn’t expect.


With this year spent in STEM, I have learned to trust and obey God. I no longer ask for many confirmations in order to do what God wants me to do, all I ask, is how I can fit in.  Where God leads he provides. I have also learnt that what Jesus needs is not for people to know many things about him but rather to live everything by him and for him. Considering the work among students, I have prayerfully committed myself for another year in STEM program. Finally, I thank all my partners and GBUR staff for their support in this last year. God Bless You.

Facilitating a training at UR-Nyagatare

Facilitating a Disciple makers training at UR-Nyagatare

Attending leadership training at GBUR office

Attending leadership training at GBUR office

With Students at UR-Nyagatare

With Students at UR-Nyagatare