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GBUR commemorated the genocide against the Tutsi

God protected us so that today we may testify that he is all powerful” these are the words of Mr. Michel Kayitaba a genocide survivor who delivered the word of God in the genocide commemoration event organized by GBUR  on Friday May 26, to remember its members who died in the genocide perpetrated against Tutsi in 1994. GBUR, Groupe Biblique Universitaire du Rwanda, is an interdenominational and autonomous Christian organization which is affiliated to the international Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES). It gathers Christian students and graduates from high learning institutions29


GBUR’s evening to remember was organized for the fourth time. It is organized to pay tribute to GBUR members who were killed during the 1994 genocide perpetrated against Tutsi, most of whom were killed together with members of their families, to equip GBUR members with biblical principles against genocide ideology and divisionism, and to comfort the survivors of genocide; Reflecting on their lives and their inheritance to GBUR ministry.

The genocide against Tutsi took many of founding members of GBUR. GBUR had started only 10 years earlier in 1984. This event was marked by the sharing of testimonies from those who have lived closely with the victims to whom GBUR is paying tribute. “From this man, I have learnt what it means to put into practice what I learn from the Bible.” said Mr. Francois sharing about Mr. Kitoko Thomas one of the victims remembered.

In his speech, Mr. Albert Mabasi, the chairman of GBUR, after comforting genocide survivors and thanking God for a safe country and good leadership that give equal chances to all Rwandans. He emphasized the vision of GBUR which is “to see every student and graduate being and agent of Godly transformation in church and society” he said:

GBUR is not affiliated to neither religion nor political party, I emphasize this to our members, so that we recognize our identity, Bible is our basis, and the transformation we are to bring is not on intellectual basis or moral basis but rather the word of God. Francois has tackled on it, in the testimony of the late Thomas, saying that he told him ‘it was time to put into practice the word of God they had learnt.’ In GBUR we fight against Genocide ideology and any sort of divisionism, and healing and reconciliation is part of our discipleship program. For our members to heal from historical wounds.”

In this evening, Mr. Athanase Nsengiyumva an envoy of CNLG, the National commission for the fight against Genocide, delivered a message, about genocide, genocide ideology, those who deny the genocide and a message for genocide survivors.   “We are not survivors because we were better than those who died; it’s the grace of the Almighty, but a great responsibility too. To be a genocide survivor is a sign that there is a special mission that God wants you to accomplish before you die. Do you know that mission? If you really know it, how are you working to accomplish it? I request survivors not to ignore their lives, to redeem the time, and live.” He added.


Article By: Mporebuke Noel

I have came to discover that Discipleship is a command


My name is MURWANASHYAKA Emmy. I am a member of GBU in UNIVERSITY OF RWANDA Nyagatare campus. On March 4, 2017 we had ‘DISCIPLEMAKERS TRAINING’ with Silvas, a missionary from Kenya, as a member of GBU, I attended the training and from this training, after we red Matthew 28:19-20 where Jesus has given a command to ‘go and make disciples and teaching them to obey what he commanded us’. I have came to discover that “Discipleship is a command” which means that as a born again, if I am not discipling anyone, I am sinning against God. This made me realize how I have been sinning because I didn’t disciple anyone but now I know I have to start up.

I have also come to realize the fact that there is a cost of discipleship, after having a free salvation, discipleship cost, and every christian should be ready to endure that cost. Another thing is that discipleship and evangelism are not just exposing scriptures to someone but rather sharing with him or her the life you live as a Christian.

Praise the lord for the impact the training had on us.

Testimony, First step in reaching and discipling people with disabilities


My name is Enos TUMUSIME, a member of GBU in UNIVERSITY OF RWANDA Nyagatare campus. On March 12, 2017 we had a seminar on ‘ HOW TO REACH PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES’ by Erin Powell.

Before this seminar, I was considering people with disability as those who were created to perish because I was thinking that it is not necessary to preach to them because I considered them as if they can’t even receive Christ due to their abnormalities, but I thank God  that through Erin’s teaching, He opened my eyes to this people. I have come to discover how much God loves them. They are also created in God’s image, and for a purpose in his love. As much as I struggle to reach others with the gospel, I should also consider people with disabilities because Christ died for them too.

We Christians should look for every possible way to reach out to those people with disabilities in much the same way we reach other people, even more because most of the time these ones are rejected by the society, unfortunately even by Christians or church leadership. But I thank God opening my eyes to see his plan and love upon people with disability. May God help me to reach them as I reach others. I do encourage my fellow Christians to consider people with disabilities as they do with other people. Bless You!