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On 4th march, we had a training of disciplemakers with brother Sylvus.

disciplemakers are some of GBU members who was once being discipled in a group and then they become accountable on  a level where they can help others through discipleship.IMG_0147 IMG_0153

In GBU Nyagatare campus, those students were not many but each one was ready to give his or her contribution to hold a small discipleship group of at most 4 students.IMG_0155So, in this training we understood our responsabilities in those groupes and what to do so that every students who will pass in them will benefit from them. We studied what is discipleship, what to give in discipleship and the cost of discipleship. IMG_0157 IMG_0169 IMG_0174 IMG_0176 IMG_0177we thank the lord in Jesus name for the work he is doing in us.amen



below is a testimony on this training


My name is MURWANASHYAKA Emmy, a member of GBU in UNIVERSITY OF RWANDA Nyagatare campus. On March 4, 2017 we had ‘DISCIPLEMAKERS TRAINING’ by Silvas. As a GBU member I attended that training and I came to know that after having a free salvation, discipleship cost, means when I was saved and I am not discipleling then I am sinning against God. According to what I heard in that training, I have been sinning because I didn’t disciple anyone but I learnt that I have to start up.

Another thing is that discipleship and evangelism are not exposing scriptures to someone but sharing the life we live as Christians. Then after we red Matthew 28:19(the great commission where Jesus has given us to ‘go and make disciples and teaching them to obey what he commanded us’). Then I had to start making disciples and teaching them to obey the lord. Praise the lord for the impact the training had on us.


GBUR Thanksgiving and Commissioning ceremony

“This is a great day, to thank God for what he has done both for GBUR as a ministry and to myself for what the Lord did in my life personally.” G.S. Samson Rukundo 

Sunday 26th February 2017, at ULK (independent university of Kigali) Gisozi campus, All members, friends and partners of GBUR ministry come together, in a thanksgiving and commissioning ceremony, to celebrate God’s faithfulness in sustaining the ministry, and to commission the new general secretary and elected committees.


This celebration, brought together many people whose life have been at some point touched by GBUR ministry; students -members of GBU in their campus, graduates -friends of GBU, church leaders, leaders of Christian NGOs, and many other partners in the gospel from all over the country.


Mr. Lauson Munganyizi, a student, president of GBU-UR-Huye and chairman of NASEC (National Students Executive Committee). With joy, he testifies to the fact that he himself is a beneficiary of what GBUR ministry is doing in different campuses. “With GBUR ministry, students are trained to know and relate with Christ on a personal level” he said, “This starts with the unexpected warm welcome offered to first year students on their first day at campus, with love and great joy GBU members help these new students to find their way around the campus, and at the same occasion sharing with them the good news of Jesus; The reached are equipped via different program among which discipleship groups that we enjoy so much although they are yet to reach all campuses  due to a limited number of staff” He added.

In light with 1Samuel 16:1-12, Pastor Mathew the preacher of the day, used the illustration of ordainment of David on Israel throne to remind undergraduates that campus is the best place for them to be trained in spiritual matters. He also thanked all leaders in GBUR ministry, especially the General Secretary, for accepting the call to this ministry and reminded that the ministry in campuses is a ministry of laying a foundation, always done in a secret and demanding a lot of precision, thus the need to serve with a righteous heart. Mathew also reminded, graduates not to forget the foundation they were raised and support the ministry. To church leaders he said “it is your responsibility to invest in students’ ministry because the church is the main beneficiary of this ministry”

Apostle Joshua Masasu, who led the commissioning prayer, testified that Rukundo Samson, the commissioned general secretary, has been a faithful member of the local church with important responsibilities. “But when, I heard of his call to serve in GBUR, I release him because I believe in him” he added.


After the prayer, General Secretary Samson said “In my term, I feel God is calling me to put an emphasis on strengthening the collaboration with local church leaders” and the chairman Mr. Albert Mabasi concluded by thanking everyone for accepting the invitation and their partnership in students ministry. He also promised the new general secretary a reliable collaboration and support from the board.


Article by Noel Mporebuke