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God’s Faithfulness, GBU-KCT

Also known as IPRC Kigali, KCT stands for Kicukiro College of Technology, this college houses the faculty of Technology the level of diploma as it is for all Integrated polytechnic regional centers (IPRC) of Rwanda. In this campus located at Kicukiro there is an evangelical students movement affiliated to GBUR, known as GBU-KCT. The following is a brief overview of what have been going on in GBU-KCT since the begining of the 2018-2016 academic year in September 2016.

Students and ATSs after DTP

Students and ATSs after DTP

In order to welcome freshers, GBU-KCT introduced an induction week, where they reach out to freshers with the gospel and offering to show them the way in different aspect of life at the campus, with this induction week around 20 students joined GBU. Once the students had settled, a discipleship training program was organized in which 17 said yes to Jesus and joined a discipleship class, meeting once every week the discipleship class has a regular attendance of around 20 participants!


Some of Those Who received Jesus

Some of Those Who received Jesus

Meanwhile GBU activities continued such as training and seminars: seminar on devotional life 16th October, training on understanding GBu ministry on the 22&23 October,  Introduction to the Book of 1 Timothy seminar, Professional excellence and academic performance seminar, and a training for leaders of small group of bible study


Small group leaders after a training with facilitator ATS Betty(left with a Bag)

Finally last Saturday on 17th December, there was a training about Mission awareness, where participants were introduced to the plan of God and His global purpose, these served to sensitize them about the need and mobilizing them to get involved in missions.

Students attending a mission awareness seminar

Students attending a mission awareness seminar

Thank God For His Faithfulness

God’s Faithfulness, GBU-UNIK November 2016

In GBU-UNIK, We thank God for this November, it was one of the few months where students are less busy academically, which gave them more time for GBU activities! Therefore we have managed to have two seminars: one about leadership and another about evangelism.  Due to our campus’ settings seminars are delivered during launch hour services (between 12 and 2pm).


With the seminar on leadership, we had 10 participants (member of the extended committee) and 3 facilitators (Aimable Neza (ATS), Viateur (Graduate), Claude (STEM)). The seminar aimed at equipping leaders in understanding GBU ministry and their role as leaders, sharing experience and fellowship.

Edissa Uwizeye(in yellow), GBU secretary says” Before coming in this training, I did not know my responsibilities, but in this training, I have known them and I am going  to work accordingly. I have well understood GBU, Its background and its evolution up to our UNIK, Thank God”

The seminar on evangelism was intended to help students understand the why and how of evangelism with their fellow students. after the seminar MUGIRE Aloys, the former GBU President one of participants said “I was edified on how to evangelize, for I have discovered what is the true gospel to be shared to a person (Christ-Is a son of God, crucified, died, raised…) And the reason why I have to share the gospel. I have learnt how to do personal evangelism and how easily it is considering how many people we meet, for I did not even value it, rather I use to think about pulpit preaching more“.

GBU-UNIK | Secretary Edissa UWIZEYE (in yellow) and former president MUGIRE Aloys (right)

In GBU-UNIK, 5 students are part of a small group of discipleship, mentored by Claude( a STEMer working with UNIK, UR-Kibungo and UNILAK Rwamagana), small groups of bible study (cells) continue to meet regularly and we are looking forward to a training about small group leadership so keep praying for us!

Thanks and God Bless You!

The Christian life is always going to the basics of Christ, only for more!

If you have heard a testimony of a newly convert Christian it might have come about something like “I didn’t know Christ, now I thank God I have known him”. And if you ask “what major benefit of having met Christ have you enjoyed most?” he/she might answer: “oh the joy of being forgiven, of being accepted as righteous before God just because of believing in Christ! I now stand not on my merits but on His.” Then if you are a typical Christian of long age in the LORD, you might respond, “lucky you young man, you got the Christian basics right. Now you are well started to pursue deeper things of the Spirit!”

Paul had certainly experienced Christ that way when he collapsed under his power on the road to Damascus. He was then in his 30s.  Ever since, you can be sure he was pursuing the ‘deeper things of the Spirit’.  Things beyond the basics, beyond mere ‘knowing Christ’, mere ‘righteousness from God’.

By the time He writes to the Philippians, he was in his 60s. He had invested 30 years of prayer, study, meditation, and service. Wouldn’t you expect him to have graduated these ‘basics of Christ? Even if it were to take him some years to master these basics, a few years would have sufficed. Take this ‘knowing Christ’ for instance, certainly no field of knowledge takes 30 years of search without coming to some confident sense of ‘I know this’!.

And this righteousness from God also called Justification. “Paul, you are a master in this! You have even written a treatise-letter about it to the church in Rome. Is there anything yet to still learn about it?”

And yet, and yet, when he writes the Philippians, it feels he is just in first grade. Listen: 7 But whatever was to my profit I now consider loss for the sake of Christ. 8 What is more, I consider everything a loss compared to the surpassing greatness of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord, for whose sake I have lost all things. I consider them rubbish, that I may gain Christ 9 and be found in him, not having a righteousness of my own that comes from the law, but that which is through faith in Christ–the righteousness that comes from God and is by faith. 10 I want to know Christ and the power of his resurrection and the fellowship of sharing in his sufferings, becoming like him in his death, 11 and so, somehow, to attain to the resurrection from the dead.

“Paul? Don’t you know him? You once said you have been in the 3rd heaven and heard things not permitted to man to hear!( 2Cor.12:2).  Even Kings acknowledged you are very learned in these matters (Acts26:24). And don’t you know his power? You have yourself been transformed, you have raised the dead, you have seen people falling on their knees at the preaching of His word, even a cloth you have touched would heal people (Acts 19;12)! What kind of power of him you have not experienced?”

He would just calmly reply: “yes I know. On the road to Damascus I knew him. But oh how unsearchable he is. I just still want to know him. The more I know him I just find I have not begun to know him. He is always more than I can know. And there is always more of his righteousness to own and more of my righteousness to let go! Did I tell you that I was united with him. O surely! But I still want to be united with him even in his sufferings and his death! Because then, I will be united in his resurrection even as I live on.  I will be a ‘walking resurrection’!”

He is in effect telling the Philippians, brothers, never think of me as having ‘graduated’ the basics of Christ. I want to know him and be found in him having his righteousness that comes by faith, not of my own, i.e that my knowing him  be more authentic, my righteousness be totally of him not of my own. It’s what worship leader Don Moen sings: ‘More of you…and Less of Me’!

What does he do to progress in these basics of Christ? one simple thing: “forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead” (Phil3:13b). It’s an approach that everyone can afford. Surely anybody can forget! And go for what is ahead.

So my friend ‘Mature Christian’, come back to the basics. With Paul we discover, to progress in the deep things of the Spirit is to go deep in the basics. And by the way that’s the way of maturity. ‘Let those of us who are mature think this way’! This is the measure of a healthy Christian life.


biblical view on marriage testimony


My name is NTAKIRUTIMANA Alice, a student in UNIVERSITY OF RWANDA, Nyagatare campus, College of business and economics, school of Economics, Member of  GBU UR-Nyagatare. I was so expectant for the seminar: ‘BIBLICAL VIEW ON MARRIAGE’, so curious to know what God’s word (the Bible) says about marriage and I thank God I have learnt a lot.

It was facilitated by the new general secretary of GBUR during the sunday service of the 4th December. He started in Genesis chapter 2 and 3 showing how God is the founder of marriage, how  God made a fit helper for Adam by taking one of his ribs and made it a woman and brought her to the man for becoming one flesh(in Genesis 2),then in chapter 3 we saw on the fall of man ,how the sin came into man’s life and how it’s the reason of each and every problem on the earth and in marriage(divorces,conflicts,…)  John 10>10,the thief comes only to steal,kill, and destroy . I came so that they may have life and have it abundantly. Here there is something which is impacting me,the thief is the devil and the devil from the beginning  working in serpent form(Genesis 3>1_5). I have come to understand that you can not get engaged in marriage once you have not received Christ Jesus as your lord and savior because is he who came so that we may have life(Ephesians 2>1) and have it abundantly and in its abundance  there is also a good and successful marriage, so ,it’s really helped and gave me hope that because Christ is my lord and savior, it’s a good beginning,the foundation that I will have a successful marriage and only for God’s glory.

I have come to understand that it is also better to seek and know the will of God in your life to be in a right place. Also I discovered how much is so needed to be mature enough  and it challenged me and I thank God i came to know this before. It helped me understand the time I will be ready for taking a decision about getting engaged and getting married and its directly proportional with spirital growth, and I remember that we used a scripture in 1corinthians 6>14 describing how we arethe temple of Living God and how God want our parners to be(what partnership has light with darkness), I have seen how successful marriage requires those who are about to share their lives togethe being on spirit and most especially fellowship with God, this is very serious because we have seen that when one of the partners is not saved truly or changed (he or she pretend),it would be the main obstacle that marriage will be successful, so this spiritual growth really pointed me the right way of choosing my life is also connected with growth in soul where sentiments and emotions are,where people with broken hearts because of histories are healed by only the word of God after being saved by Christ’s blood. This growth of soul rally changed me and implies to me that I still need this maturity,draw near to God  because there is no other place where I can find this but in the word of God(Bible) , John 8>32,you will know  the truth and the truth will set you free.

Colossians 3>23, this scripture made me understand the motivation of everything I do. The motivation of everything will be the glory of God,that  is the right motivation of marriage, a marriage which will glorify God because that is the main goal of marriage and we will do it because of God not men.

Briefly,in this seminar,biblicalview on marriage, I was highly challenged and I learnt much but first is that in Christ there is an abundant life, the maturity level needed to get engaged in spirit and soul, and the main reason is only for God’s glory. I learnt also how in choosing my life partner  I should concentrate on trusting God’s choice for me(proverbs 3>5_6,trust  in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understandig,……………….)  and also I will wait and trust patiently in the Lord for he is faithfull.

To God be the glory forever and ever ,amen

Biblical view on marriage at GBU-UR-Nyagatare

Sunday The 4th of December,  we had a seminar on  “Biblical view on marriage”. Marriage is one of the issues university students are most concerned with, and we were so curious to know what the Bible says about it. The seminar was facilitated by GBUR’s general secretary Mr. Rukundo Samson.


The facilitator explained from Genesis, how in the beginning, the union of a man and a woman in marriage was perfectly authored by God Himself. Even though with the fall of man, things got turned upside down, he explained the alternative way provided through Jesus to get back into God’s original design for marriage. The seminar got more interesting, when the facilitator shared a testimony about how he met his wife at the campus and how he personally is living what he preaches about marriage.


The facillitator has highlighted that being born again, spiritually and emotionally mature are the basic requirements for Christians to engage in the journey of marriage which starts with the choosing of who. He also emphasized on doing all things for the glory of God not satisfying the desires of our sinful nature.

Thank God For His Provision!