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Two GBU One Sunday Service Rukara visited Nyagatare

There were amazing moments, studying the bible, celebrating our Lord Jesus in praise and worship, sharing a experiences, challenges, and also sharing a lunch! GBU-UR-Rukara campus had visited GBU-UR-Nyagatare campus. Though Rukara is the nearest GBU to Nyagatare it takes around a 1 hour  drive.

img_24421 img_24521

After the service students shared a meal while also connecting and exchanging experiences, In the after lunch time they had an interactive discussion about what they believe exploring the passage in John 3 after what their shared campus staff Mr. Onesphore Hakizimana gave concluding remarks!

 img_24561 img_24651

We thank our Lord Jesus Christ who made us know each other in him for his glory.


Muri GBU-TCT “GARUKA USHIME” ni giterane ngarukamwaka. Intego yacyo, ni uguhuza abanyeshuri barangije, abarimo kwiga ndetse n’ inshuti za GBU-TCT ngo bafatanyirize hamwe gushimira Imana imirimo itangaza yakoze.


Ni muri urwo rwego kuri uyu wa gatandatu tariki 26 Ugushyingo, 2016 mu nzu mberabyombi (multipurpose hall) y’ ishuli hahuriye abanyeshuli, abarangije, inshuti za GBU-TCT ndetse n’ abayobozi ba Tumba College of Technology bahimbaza Imana bavuga imirimo Umwami Mana yakoze mu gihe cyabo.


Muri iki giterane cyagaragayemo amakorali (Choosen race ya GBU-TCT & Healing worship team) n’ abahanzi ku giti cyabo (Muhoza Janvier) umuvugabutumwa BUKURU Eric yibukije abatanze amashimwe bose ko batangomba kwibangirwa igihango bafitanye n’Imana kandi ko bagomba kuzirakana ku murimo w’Imana no mu buzima bundi batangiye, ko bagomba guharanira kuba ibikoresho bizana impinduka y’ubumana mu muryango mugari bagiyemo.


choosen race choir GBU-TCT

healing worship team

healing worship team

uhagarariye ubuyobozi bw' ikigo

uhagarariye ubuyobozi bw’ ikigo

Mandela Isaac President of GBU-TCT

Mandela Isaac President of GBU-TCT

Seminar on devotional life at UR-Nyagatare

 img_22701  img_22861

It was on November 20 with Bora Francois, a graduate from GBU-UR HUYE. To help us understand what is a devotional life the facilitator took an example of lovers, and illustrated how hard they work to maintain their relationship, using various ways, and different love languages, and he emphasized on “Quality time” which is the time lovers set apart for them to able to just be together. From that, using biblical examples, he explained how the relationship with our God also needs “Time” and how God’s people managed to live a life full of those quality time with God: a devotional life!

“Living a developing a devotional life is n’t an easy thing” He added “But with discipline, it is possible and considering the results it’s worthy!” Using an example of an athlete the facilitator explained how even the things that seems almost impossible are feasible with exercises and discipline.

Thank God For His Mercy and Provision In This Seminar!


Bora Francois The Facilitator (on first row right)


Academic performance and professional excellence

img_21551 It was a blessing this last sunday. we got a seminar on ‘Academic performance and professional excellence’ where our facilitator(Espoire) was a former staff on our campus(Nyagatare campus) and a former GBU member at UR Huye campus.img_21531 How our studies at school and after school our works are related with God’s will and mission was the greatest issues discussed on. We got that Jesus died for everyone who will be saved by his blood,shall not live for himself nolonger but for his savior. And from this point is all rotating; knowing that we study not for ourselves but for our savior’s, so we study hard to excell for his groly the same as working. We also got that when we fail, it is not the end of life for our hearts are captured by eternal life ahead. To our lord Jesus be the groly,amen.img_21501 img_21371

17 saved through Discipleship Training program

It happened this Saturday 5th November, with students from Kicukiro college of Technology who attended a Discipleship training program organized by Dominique and his wife Arlene who also opened their home for ministry hosting this training in their home.


Different topics were covered, among which the assurance of salvation; what is discipleship; the cost of discipleship and many more. Through these teachings 17 students out of 34 who participated have come to discover Christ and made a life transforming decision of receiving Christ as their Lord and savior.


The training was organized in partnership with other graduates: Betty Kabarega, Christelle Kamanzi, David Ngabo, Safari Nuru, Thaddeus Kamanzi, Abel Munyaneza and Freddy (former president of GBU-KCT). We thank God for his provision.

May all be given a chance to hear the Gospel, become disciples and use their gifts for the growth of the church as we open our hearts and home for the great commission and be vessels of love and truth to the young generations!

Has the Church in Rwanda Forgotten Some People?

How many times have you seen a person with a disability in the church? It is easy to dismiss a person or group if they cannot help you or are not like you.  However, as a believer it is important to consider each person.

God values each person-man, woman, nationality, economic status, age, rich, poor, those with disabilities and those without disability.  Each person is created in God’s image, even though that image has been marred by sin.  Jesus came to save each person, of which believers have been chosen to be a vessel of the Good News.  Jesus was with the sinners, the tax collectors, the demon possessed, the sick, children and people with disabilities.  If this is true, what does this mean for you? It is Jesus who despite our sinfulness and wretchedness gave His life for us that we may be redeemed, reconciled and have eternal life, which was undeserved nor earned but received through faith.  When considering a person with a disability or anyone who is different, may we be broken enough for their state that we will share the Gospel (Word & Life) as someone shared with us.

In light of the church’s purpose that all become disciples, how are we doing? How are you doing (yes you, not your pastor, friend, family, church, or neighbor, but you)? One group that is often missing in the church is people with disabilities.  It is helpful to see the problem, and then ask the Lord how you can partner with God in becoming a solution.  It is important to remember that a person with a disability is a person first who did not choose to have a disability.  I sometimes start to think I have born without a disability, grew up in a family who accepted me, attended University, had the chance to hear the Gospel and be welcomed in a church.  I could have been that person with a disability who was rejected, never went to school and who never had a chance to hear the Gospel.  We don’t choose which family we are born into nor if we have a disability.  If you were a person with a disability how would you want a person to love and interact with you?  Many people with disabilities don’t enter church because they feel that they have been cursed, God doesn’t love them, or have been rejected due to their disability from multiple people (family, society, and sadly even the church).

What if the Lord is leading you do something?  What if the Lord uses you to bring the greatest news of salvation to that person? What if you are one of the few people to show love to that person?  What if you are the first person to believe in and value that person? What if you are a person who sees the gifts, abilities and potential of that person?  Is it possible to reach a person with a disability, in light of what Jesus has given to you and the example which He has given to us?

How can reaching a person with a disability be lived out in practical life?  There are a variety of things that one can do.  One starting place is praying that you have God’s heart and mind towards the person with a disability or person you are reaching.  The next step is opening your eyes and seeing people with disabilities around you.  Then greet a person with a disability as you meet him at work, on the bus, in the community, at church or school.  You can go a step further out of your comfort zone and visit that person in his dorm room or at his house.  This may be challenging on one’s pride or inexperience, but again one needs to remember that a person with a disability is a person first who has dreams, feelings, abilities, and needs to know their Creator.  In visiting and discussing one can share the Gospel, listen to the person’s story and pray for the person.  You can invite the person to church and sit next to him when he comes. This person is valuable to God, as this person is God’s creation in need of salvation just as we were.  Having a person with a disability as a friend allows you to learn from each other and learn even more about people with disabilities.


May we open our minds and hearts to align with God’s heart and mind on his view of all people (including people with disabilities) and be vessels of love and truth to all people who are God’s creation and are in need of the greatest hope which comes through salvation in Christ Jesus. May we be the church (believers in Christ) which is used to be ambassadors of His great love to all people (including people with disabilities). May all people (including people with disabilities) hear the Gospel, become disciples and use their gifts for the growth of the church.

*If this is an area of passion or area you want to grow in, you can contact GBU for further information.

Article By Erin Powell

Training on how to prepare a sermon and expository preaching

It happened on the weekend of 4th to 6th November. This training was awaited since last year, where it was adjourned therefore there were much expectations in participants. We started on Friday evening, with a facilitator from P.T.W. (Preach The Word), MUGENZI Aime a graduate from GBU-UR-Busogo. who also started by asking about what we were expecting from the training!

The facilitator explained how we should let the Bible first teach ourselves before going out to expose its truth to others. Through this training we have come to understand the difference between exposing and preaching the Bible. we have also learnt how to study the passage in preparation of a sermon. The session was so interactive with a lot of good discussion on different topics affecting the ministry of the word.


The training continued on Sunday, we gave ourselves a chance to experience practical expository preaching by giving our facilitator a pulpit in our Sunday service where he preached the main sermon. We hope this training will help us in the ministry of preaching the word.