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GBU-UR-Nyagatare Cell leaders training

Leadership skills are not for granted,we believe that we need to be trained to be good leaders of God’s people. This September 24, we had an amazing training for cell leaders. We are being trained to be servant leaders as our Lord Jesus was with his disciples. Understanding GBU ministry and what is a small group of bible study (cell) in GBU are the topics covored.

We have come to understanding vision and mission of this ministry, for cell leaders this is the best way to know where to take their cells  and how to work together to achieve that vision which is namely to produce an agent of Godly transformation at the end of the day.

We have also discovered what is a small group (cell) in GBU, mainly a group of 6 to 10 persons for a further understanding of the word of God, each and every member participating actively in the process.

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IFES world student day in GBUR

“This was wonderful! Seeing students from different campus worshipping together, praying together, we should do this more often” Said Kamanzi GBUR campus staff.

IFES world student day in GBUR, was celebrated in regions, students from the neighboring GBUs (Christian unions) got together; the whole country met in 5 regions: central region (mostly GBUs from the capital city Kigali) met at UR-Remera campus, Eastern region met at UR-Rukara campus, Northern region met at UR-Busogo campus, Southern region met at Huye assemblies of God Church and the western region met at Ur-Nyamishaba campus.

Student in a Fellowship at UR-Nyamishaba campus

Student in a Fellowship at UR-Nyamishaba campus

At all 5 locations events were marked by students enjoying a great time together as members of the same movement, which also added another aspect on their sense of belonging; the preaching of the word of God focusing on the call to love our neighbors which was also the theme of the day; a moment to explain what is and why world student day in IFES and a prayer session for student ministry locally and world wide.

At UR-Remera campus where GBUs from the central region met, Mr. Manasseh the vice-chairman of GBUR, preached the word of God, exposing the text in Luke 15, and explaining different category of lost people who are also the first among the neighbors who need our love ; At IPRC west where GBUs from the western region were gathered, Mr. Theoneste the student ministry coordinator shared about what is and why IFES world student day Whereas at UR-Busogo campus where Northern GBUs were gathered Mr. Samson, General secretary, took some extra time after the event to listen to students sharing their challenges and prayed with them.

The event at all locations was also marked by a prayer session where students in each region were give a single country to pray for its IFES movement; central region prayed for South Sudan, eastern region for Mauritania, northern region for South Sudan, southern region for Mauritania and the Western region for Czech Republic.  While all location prayed also for GBUR’s prayer request.


Introduction of the book of 1 Thessalonians

Every academic year we have a specific book for bible study in small groups. This year we are going into the first letter of the apostle Paul to the church of Thessalonians. For this reason, on 9th October 2016, There was a training session dedicated to the introduction of this letter, covering  background, overview and the main purpose of this book.

With this session participants were exposed to the origin of the church in Thessalonica, the context and why Paul wrote them this letter which is to assure them that they are chosen and how they should stand in faith and love waiting for the second coming of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ despite the challenges.

We hope that this session will help everyone, as we carry on going deeper in this book of 1 Thessalonians, through bible study in our small groups of bible study.

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leadership training for extended committee

It happened on the 15th October, we had a leadership training for extended  committee. Extended committee is when cell leaders, cell coordinators and other different leaders in GBU (choir leaders, etc.) are added to the executive committee. With this training, we covered the profile of an agent of Godly transformation as dreamed in our vision “For every student and graduate to be an agent of Godly transformation in church and society”

we have seen that this person should be a person who model:scriptural ministry in the church, integrity on the market place, and who involved in the great commission of our Lord Jesus “Making disciples of all nations” as a lifestyle. We believe such understanding will help those leaders to work with a common goal of making this person, but not only making him or her rather being this person too.

We thank God for his provision as He prepare us all to be His agents of transformation. Amen! img_1780img_1772img_1786img_1791

GBU-UR-Nyagatare welcomed new members

It was on the 9th October, 2016 at GBU-Nyagatare where Mr. Onesphore Hakizimana a campus staff from GBUR working with GBU-Nyagatare, exposed what is GBU Ministry and its faith statement.

From this exposition, we have come to clearly understand GBU ministry, why we do what we do, why in the student world and for which purpose. After the understanding GBU ministry session we have also gone through the faith statement of GBU rediscovering clearly what is it that we believe as GBU.

After understanding the ministry, registration forms were distributed among participants, for those who agree with our faith statement and embracing our vision to formally register as members of GBU for the academic year 2016-2017. Many of those who registered were freshers but also some from other years who have not been able to understand GBU clearly before.

img_1677 img_1679  After the services the executive committee and the newly registered members had a great fellowship time over lunch. Praise the Lord for his work in us.

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GBU UR Nyarugenge welcomed new members

It was on Friday 30th September at GBU UR Nyarugenge Campus, they organized a special event to welcome new students who have joined GBU from both  secondary schools (Freshers) and other campuses (those who come at Nyarugenge in their 2nd and 4th year from other colleges).


Throughout this event, GBU leaders explained to new comers the structure of GBU, the responsibilities and privileges of a member of GBU. An emphasis was also put on the values of every true christian especially in a college environment.

The new comers were so amazed by the way they were welcomed, and they said they are happy to continue the work of the Lord in this campus.