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Discipleship training at UR-Nyagatare campus and EAUR, 2 got saved

Since Friday,16th to Sunday 18th, March 2018, The GBUs of UR-Nyagatare campus and East African University  Nyagatare campus together had a discipleship training program.

IMG-20180405-WA0001 IMG-20180405-WA0002

The training was organized to help student understand different issues in a christian life so that they may become good disciples of Jesus Christ.  This training happens  yearly. This year it brought together around 35 students from the two campuses.  In this training, two students: Naome and George (cfr. picture below) accepted Jesus Christ as personal Lord and Savior.


The training covered many topics including discipleship and it cost, devotional life and the lordship of  Christ in one’s life, Spiritual disciplines and sanctification. Focusing on the great commission of every disciple, we also had a session on  mission awareness as we consider our own campus and the focus of our GBU in this semester which is Evangelism.


In between sessions, we also had fun interacting with one another.It was so refreshing.

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We thank God for his work among us.  Please keep us in your as we reach out to our fellow students with the good news of salvation. Which is also the focus of this second semester at UR-Nyagatare campus.

Thanks to all the participants, facilitators and supporters may the Lord bless you!

A semester with evangelism on focus at UR-Nyagatare campus

IMG_0740 ROMANS 10:15 b……..As it is written:”How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news”.

Hallelujah!! it’s been a while since we shared our news and how God is being faithful to us in his work of reconciling to the world by using us. in the very beginning of this semester two of 2017-2018, GBU-UR-Nyagatare campus decided to focus the whole semester on evangelistic activities. Reaching students on the campus,in a friendly approach. every Monday,5PM, we are meeting, praying for 30 minutes and everyone go to pay a visit to a friend whom he/she prepared that he/she will come for the purpose of reaching him/her with the gospel of Jesus Christ. we want to reach every student on the campus in a strategic way where we seek information per classes and we pray for them then we go out to reach them. And in all these activities, God is being with us in opening doors for us.

we started by having a sermon on “friendship evangelism” on 18th February where our staff Onesphore Hakizimana showed us some strategies of approaching someone in a friendly way. by next day, this is 19th, we started evangelistic activities. thanks God students are accepting the good news, and we are praying so the God may open up their hearts to believe the lord Jesus.

if you are reading this, join us in this prayer and let God do the rest of the job.



HWEC(Healing the wounds from ethnic conflicts) training


On Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd April, GBU-UR-Nyagatare had a HWEC workshop, HWEC stands for Healing the Wounds from Ethnic Conflicts, HWEC workshops are under Discipleship program, GBUR wants its members to receive the full benefits of the cross, among which the inner healing and the power of forgiveness and reconciliation.

We were so blessed to discover God’s plan on people’s relationship and how we fit in that plan in spite of all our problems whose roots go all the way to Adam the first man on the day he choose to disobey his creator, God. From this workshop we have come to realize the role of the church in God’s design for human relationship and what to do in such a broken society, which is to run to the only one place in the whole world we can find true rest, at the cross where Christ bared them all. In addition to learning, we also had the opportunity to experience the power of forgiving, standing in the gap, and casting it all on Christ for total healing and restoration.

We are so grateful to our facilitators: Philemeon Niyomugabo, Gatera Anicet, Niyomwungeli Jean Peruse and Mukantabana Eduige who worked tirelessly to deliver the whole content in such a short time. Through your sacrifice, our heart were healed from different issues in our past, now we thank God that he also cares for our broken hearts and is always willing to heal us whenever we come to him with a willing heart.


DTP(Discipleship Training Program)



From 31st March up to 2th April, we were in a DTP training together with brother MATUKU James Kioko missionary from Kenya working with GBU-UR-Huye, Claude GBUR staff under STEM program working with GBU-UR-Kibungo, ULK Rwamagana and University of Kibungo, Thaddeus GBUR staff working with GBU-UR-Nyarugenge and GBU-UR-Gikondo, And Onesphore who works with GBU-UR-Rukara, GBU-KIM and GBU-UR-Nyagatare. we were very blessed with them, they helped us understand some of bible’s issues where they covered topics like; ASSURANCE OF SALVATION, RELEASING FROM TYRANNY, SANCTIFICATION, HOLLY SPIRIT , DEVOTIONAL LIFE AND IBS.

IMG_0552 IMG_0532 this training  had a long list of attendants like never before and everyone was curious to hear and understand what we did not before issues like sanctification and the Holy Spirit. from Friday evening up to Sunday service where we were very blessed with doing IBS with Thaddeus, all tree days were amazing.

we understood how God deals with our everyday’s lives as Holy spirit, how he manage us and how we should obey him. we also learned to do a devotional life and how to do personal IBS.


We also had a launch all together on Saturday, we thank God for teaching us how to live a godly life and how he lead us in love and mercy.


seminar on leadership

IMG_0359on 26th march, we had a seminar on leadership by brother Sildio(Determine). it was a blessed sunday service where everyone was curious to know how the bible deals with leadership. IMG_0360 IMG_0363we learned much from the facilitator where he shared with us some of his past experiences in leadership fields and he showed how the leadership is not positions but the influence a person have on society. IMG_0362 IMG_0363 IMG_0364 IMG_0361 IMG_0375 IMG_0370we thank God that he is making good leaders among us for the kingdom of him.



On Sunday March 12, it was a blessing to have sister Erin at UR-Nyagatare campus, Erin is a missionary from USA, with a heart for reaching people with disabilities with the gospel of Jesus Christ.  In her teaching, she showed us from the bible how all people are the equal before God be with disability or not. She also showed us how those people with disabilities are as precious to God as every one else. she showed also how those people who are rejected by the society need  church’s love more, how they need the gospel and she portrayed different approaches to adopt while reaching people with disabilities.

IMAG0400   IMAG0413

This was new thing in our ears, because it’s not something you can hear about in many churches, so most of us were in the dark concerning reaching and discipling people with disabilities.  We thank God, for opening our eyes to this privilege. May the LORD help us to consider people with disabilities in our daily living.




IMAG0308 Hello brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus,  we, GBU Nyagatare campus thanks God in Christ Jesus for every single thing he is doing into our lives in the process of becoming the agent of godly transformation in our society and churches. on 5th March, Sunday we had some very great moment with GBUR secretary ,Rukundo Samson where he God used him to help us understand how we can engage the gospel to Nyagatare campus so that every student who lives in should at least hear the gospel of Jesus Christ and may be believe in him and their lives be saved from eternal death.IMAG0307 beyond Sunday service, we(willing members) shared the lunch with him where we continued with some strong discussions, he was telling us their past experience on campus where they did a great job; it stimulated us and we learned very much from his experience on campusIMAG0342 IMAG0340 we thanks our lord Jesus who is doing a great Job into our lives in training us to minister his gospel.





On 4th march, we had a training of disciplemakers with brother Sylvus.

disciplemakers are some of GBU members who was once being discipled in a group and then they become accountable on  a level where they can help others through discipleship.IMG_0147 IMG_0153

In GBU Nyagatare campus, those students were not many but each one was ready to give his or her contribution to hold a small discipleship group of at most 4 students.IMG_0155So, in this training we understood our responsabilities in those groupes and what to do so that every students who will pass in them will benefit from them. We studied what is discipleship, what to give in discipleship and the cost of discipleship. IMG_0157 IMG_0169 IMG_0174 IMG_0176 IMG_0177we thank the lord in Jesus name for the work he is doing in us.amen



below is a testimony on this training


My name is MURWANASHYAKA Emmy, a member of GBU in UNIVERSITY OF RWANDA Nyagatare campus. On March 4, 2017 we had ‘DISCIPLEMAKERS TRAINING’ by Silvas. As a GBU member I attended that training and I came to know that after having a free salvation, discipleship cost, means when I was saved and I am not discipleling then I am sinning against God. According to what I heard in that training, I have been sinning because I didn’t disciple anyone but I learnt that I have to start up.

Another thing is that discipleship and evangelism are not exposing scriptures to someone but sharing the life we live as Christians. Then after we red Matthew 28:19(the great commission where Jesus has given us to ‘go and make disciples and teaching them to obey what he commanded us’). Then I had to start making disciples and teaching them to obey the lord. Praise the lord for the impact the training had on us.


biblical view on marriage testimony


My name is NTAKIRUTIMANA Alice, a student in UNIVERSITY OF RWANDA, Nyagatare campus, College of business and economics, school of Economics, Member of  GBU UR-Nyagatare. I was so expectant for the seminar: ‘BIBLICAL VIEW ON MARRIAGE’, so curious to know what God’s word (the Bible) says about marriage and I thank God I have learnt a lot.

It was facilitated by the new general secretary of GBUR during the sunday service of the 4th December. He started in Genesis chapter 2 and 3 showing how God is the founder of marriage, how  God made a fit helper for Adam by taking one of his ribs and made it a woman and brought her to the man for becoming one flesh(in Genesis 2),then in chapter 3 we saw on the fall of man ,how the sin came into man’s life and how it’s the reason of each and every problem on the earth and in marriage(divorces,conflicts,…)  John 10>10,the thief comes only to steal,kill, and destroy . I came so that they may have life and have it abundantly. Here there is something which is impacting me,the thief is the devil and the devil from the beginning  working in serpent form(Genesis 3>1_5). I have come to understand that you can not get engaged in marriage once you have not received Christ Jesus as your lord and savior because is he who came so that we may have life(Ephesians 2>1) and have it abundantly and in its abundance  there is also a good and successful marriage, so ,it’s really helped and gave me hope that because Christ is my lord and savior, it’s a good beginning,the foundation that I will have a successful marriage and only for God’s glory.

I have come to understand that it is also better to seek and know the will of God in your life to be in a right place. Also I discovered how much is so needed to be mature enough  and it challenged me and I thank God i came to know this before. It helped me understand the time I will be ready for taking a decision about getting engaged and getting married and its directly proportional with spirital growth, and I remember that we used a scripture in 1corinthians 6>14 describing how we arethe temple of Living God and how God want our parners to be(what partnership has light with darkness), I have seen how successful marriage requires those who are about to share their lives togethe being on spirit and most especially fellowship with God, this is very serious because we have seen that when one of the partners is not saved truly or changed (he or she pretend),it would be the main obstacle that marriage will be successful, so this spiritual growth really pointed me the right way of choosing my life is also connected with growth in soul where sentiments and emotions are,where people with broken hearts because of histories are healed by only the word of God after being saved by Christ’s blood. This growth of soul rally changed me and implies to me that I still need this maturity,draw near to God  because there is no other place where I can find this but in the word of God(Bible) , John 8>32,you will know  the truth and the truth will set you free.

Colossians 3>23, this scripture made me understand the motivation of everything I do. The motivation of everything will be the glory of God,that  is the right motivation of marriage, a marriage which will glorify God because that is the main goal of marriage and we will do it because of God not men.

Briefly,in this seminar,biblicalview on marriage, I was highly challenged and I learnt much but first is that in Christ there is an abundant life, the maturity level needed to get engaged in spirit and soul, and the main reason is only for God’s glory. I learnt also how in choosing my life partner  I should concentrate on trusting God’s choice for me(proverbs 3>5_6,trust  in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understandig,……………….)  and also I will wait and trust patiently in the Lord for he is faithfull.

To God be the glory forever and ever ,amen

Biblical view on marriage at GBU-UR-Nyagatare

Sunday The 4th of December,  we had a seminar on  “Biblical view on marriage”. Marriage is one of the issues university students are most concerned with, and we were so curious to know what the Bible says about it. The seminar was facilitated by GBUR’s general secretary Mr. Rukundo Samson.


The facilitator explained from Genesis, how in the beginning, the union of a man and a woman in marriage was perfectly authored by God Himself. Even though with the fall of man, things got turned upside down, he explained the alternative way provided through Jesus to get back into God’s original design for marriage. The seminar got more interesting, when the facilitator shared a testimony about how he met his wife at the campus and how he personally is living what he preaches about marriage.


The facillitator has highlighted that being born again, spiritually and emotionally mature are the basic requirements for Christians to engage in the journey of marriage which starts with the choosing of who. He also emphasized on doing all things for the glory of God not satisfying the desires of our sinful nature.

Thank God For His Provision!