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Posted on November 28, 2016     By Johnny

Muri GBU-TCT “GARUKA USHIME” ni giterane ngarukamwaka. Intego yacyo, ni uguhuza abanyeshuri barangije, abarimo kwiga ndetse n’ inshuti za GBU-TCT ngo bafatanyirize hamwe gushimira Imana imirimo itangaza yakoze. Ni muri urwo rwego kuri uyu wa gatandatu tariki 26 Ugushyingo, 2016 mu nzu mberabyombi (multipurpose hall) y’ ishuli hahuriye abanyeshuli, abarangije, inshuti za GBU-TCT ndetse n’ abayobozi ba […]

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Seminar on devotional life at UR-Nyagatare

Posted on November 21, 2016     By GBU-UR-Nyagatare

    It was on November 20 with Bora Francois, a graduate from GBU-UR HUYE. To help us understand what is a devotional life the facilitator took an example of lovers, and illustrated how hard they work to maintain their relationship, using various ways, and different love languages, and he emphasized on “Quality time” which is the […]

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Academic performance and professional excellence

Posted on November 14, 2016     By GBU-UR-Nyagatare

It was a blessing this last sunday. we got a seminar on ‘Academic performance and professional excellence’ where our facilitator(Espoire) was a former staff on our campus(Nyagatare campus) and a former GBU member at UR Huye campus. How our studies at school and after school our works are related with God’s will and mission was the […]

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17 saved through Discipleship Training program

Posted on November 8, 2016     By Johnny

It happened this Saturday 5th November, with students from Kicukiro college of Technology who attended a Discipleship training program organized by Dominique and his wife Arlene who also opened their home for ministry hosting this training in their home. Different topics were covered, among which the assurance of salvation; what is discipleship; the cost of […]

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Has the Church in Rwanda Forgotten Some People?

Posted on      By Johnny

How many times have you seen a person with a disability in the church? It is easy to dismiss a person or group if they cannot help you or are not like you.  However, as a believer it is important to consider each person. God values each person-man, woman, nationality, economic status, age, rich, poor, […]

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