Equipping student leaders for the work of ministry

Equipping student leaders for the work of ministry

Posted on 2017-06-13 17:18:53     By Johnny TUYISHIMIRE


Based on Ephesians 4:12 “to equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ”, from Friday 9th to Sunday 11th June, 2017 GBUR has organized a leadership training bringing together leaders in GBU from all over the country to equip them with biblical leadership skills and principles that shape their character into leaders who model servant leadership in the steps of Christ.

This training was organized with a twofold objective: to bring GBU leaders from all over the country together so that they may know, learn from, and encourage each other, as they come to a common understanding of the ministry they serve in; and to equip GBU leaders with Biblical truth that shape they character as leaders. In his opening remarks, General secretary Samson Rukundo, he congratulated GBU leaders who made it to the conference and reaffirmed GBUR office’s commitment to student ministry, “We exist for you” he said.

In closing remarks, Mr. Albert Mabasi, chairman of GBUR, thanked both the staff that organized the training and congratulated participants who made it to the last day of the training. He also challenged student leaders to keep good partnership with the office, “all they ask you in administration like reporting, planning and communication are only means to help us help you, please respect them, they made a huge sacrifice being here for you” He added.


Students Testimonies

Idufashe Eddy from GBU-UR-Huye


What helped me most is to understand the ministry I am serving in and its purpose. They explained deeply, but I was touched by the session on Biblical leadership and the one on Agent of Godly Transformation (AGT) profile, because if you are to build a house and you know what it should be like, it helps to know what kind of foundations to set or the kind of bricks to use. In AGT they taught us three elements that make an Agent of Godly Transformation:  we learned that (1) he/she has to be rooted in scriptures, not only those I am leading but I myself have first to live as an AGT and for that I have to be rooted in scripture. (2) he /she has to have integrity on the market place. (3) he/she has to be involved in mission, we have learned that God’s heart is for all nations to know the gospel.  They told us that we have to go from being believers to being disciples so even myself I have to be a disciple of Christ. They also told us that in GBU mission is not one of many things we do but the great commission (making disciples of all nations Matt 28:19) is the center of everything we do. We have to reach out to people at the campus. Briefly I realized that if you understand AGT profile well, you understand GBU ministry, considering the fact that it is also the core of our vision.  Thus me to I will keep seeking to be a good agent of Godly transformation.

Niyibizi Odille from GBU-UR-Nyamishaba

Niyibizi Odille-GBU-UR-Nyamishaba

This training helped me so much, because you cannot lead people while you yourself don’t understand where to go or what to do. But what we learned here help us, especially the study in the book of Titus, it created in us the ability to know as a leader how to live, how to conduct ourselves so that even those we are leading can take example to us. Personally, what I liked most is the process used in Manuscript Bible Study: Observation, Interpretation and Application. Here I realized that most of the time we only do observation and interpretation but ignore application. From this I have realized that the reason why we are always studying the bible yet seeing no impact, it is because we heed less attention to application. From this training I have learned how to do a SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time bound) so that as a leader I can not only do it myself but also teach those I am leading.

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