Testimony, First step in reaching and discipling people with disabilities

Testimony, First step in reaching and discipling people with disabilities

Posted on 2017-05-16 11:23:51     By Johnny TUYISHIMIRE


My name is Enos TUMUSIME, a member of GBU in UNIVERSITY OF RWANDA Nyagatare campus. On March 12, 2017 we had a seminar on ‘ HOW TO REACH PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES’ by Erin Powell.

Before this seminar, I was considering people with disability as those who were created to perish because I was thinking that it is not necessary to preach to them because I considered them as if they can’t even receive Christ due to their abnormalities, but I thank God  that through Erin’s teaching, He opened my eyes to this people. I have come to discover how much God loves them. They are also created in God’s image, and for a purpose in his love. As much as I struggle to reach others with the gospel, I should also consider people with disabilities because Christ died for them too.

We Christians should look for every possible way to reach out to those people with disabilities in much the same way we reach other people, even more because most of the time these ones are rejected by the society, unfortunately even by Christians or church leadership. But I thank God opening my eyes to see his plan and love upon people with disability. May God help me to reach them as I reach others. I do encourage my fellow Christians to consider people with disabilities as they do with other people. Bless You!


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