God's Faithfulness, GBU-UNIK November 2016

God's Faithfulness, GBU-UNIK November 2016

Posted on 2016-12-16 09:35:16     By Johnny TUYISHIMIRE

In GBU-UNIK, We thank God for this November, it was one of the few months where students are less busy academically, which gave them more time for GBU activities! Therefore we have managed to have two seminars: one about leadership and another about evangelism.  Due to our campus’ settings seminars are delivered during launch hour services (between 12 and 2pm).


With the seminar on leadership, we had 10 participants (member of the extended committee) and 3 facilitators (Aimable Neza (ATS), Viateur (Graduate), Claude (STEM)). The seminar aimed at equipping leaders in understanding GBU ministry and their role as leaders, sharing experience and fellowship.

Edissa Uwizeye(in yellow), GBU secretary says” Before coming in this training, I did not know my responsibilities, but in this training, I have known them and I am going  to work accordingly. I have well understood GBU, Its background and its evolution up to our UNIK, Thank God”

The seminar on evangelism was intended to help students understand the why and how of evangelism with their fellow students. after the seminar MUGIRE Aloys, the former GBU President one of participants said “I was edified on how to evangelize, for I have discovered what is the true gospel to be shared to a person (Christ-Is a son of God, crucified, died, raised…) And the reason why I have to share the gospel. I have learnt how to do personal evangelism and how easily it is considering how many people we meet, for I did not even value it, rather I use to think about pulpit preaching more“.

GBU-UNIK | Secretary Edissa UWIZEYE (in yellow) and former president MUGIRE Aloys (right)

In GBU-UNIK, 5 students are part of a small group of discipleship, mentored by Claude( a STEMer working with UNIK, UR-Kibungo and UNILAK Rwamagana), small groups of bible study (cells) continue to meet regularly and we are looking forward to a training about small group leadership so keep praying for us!

Thanks and God Bless You!

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