Biblical view on marriage at GBU-UR-Nyagatare

Biblical view on marriage at GBU-UR-Nyagatare

Posted on 2016-12-07 13:02:13     By GBU-UR-Nyagatare

Sunday The 4th of December,  we had a seminar on  “Biblical view on marriage”. Marriage is one of the issues university students are most concerned with, and we were so curious to know what the Bible says about it. The seminar was facilitated by GBUR’s general secretary Mr. Rukundo Samson.


The facilitator explained from Genesis, how in the beginning, the union of a man and a woman in marriage was perfectly authored by God Himself. Even though with the fall of man, things got turned upside down, he explained the alternative way provided through Jesus to get back into God’s original design for marriage. The seminar got more interesting, when the facilitator shared a testimony about how he met his wife at the campus and how he personally is living what he preaches about marriage.


The facillitator has highlighted that being born again, spiritually and emotionally mature are the basic requirements for Christians to engage in the journey of marriage which starts with the choosing of who. He also emphasized on doing all things for the glory of God not satisfying the desires of our sinful nature.

Thank God For His Provision!

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