GBU in the new academic year 2016-2017

GBU in the new academic year 2016-2017

Posted on 2016-09-27 15:16:49     By Johnny TUYISHIMIRE

GBUR being a continuation of the gospel movement in the Rwandan student world, we always move with the academic timeline; after the leadership training to equip new student leaders and the joining of new campus staff, the awaited academic year 2016-2017 has finally started, on the 13th for university of Rwanda (UR) and the 19th for the Integrated polytechnic regional centers (IPRC),  students are back at the campus, for first years it’s a new world totally strange while for others the campus is only full of new faces; anyway for GBU the gospel is still the same and the ministry goes on.


As first year students try to explore this new world, GBU members offered to lend a hand and show them around the campus and also to use the opportunity to tell them the Good news and about GBU ministry. For this wonderful work, different campuses have adopted different approaches, all with one mission to reach out to new students with the gospel, to equip them into mature disciples of Jesus and to mobilize them to be agents of Godly transformation.

Pascal president of GBU-UR-Remera says: “The whole first week we did change our normal schedule and made the whole week a prayer week with a fellowship daily, so that new students can join the service and see what GBU is like. For the second one we have organized a door to door campaign in student hostels focusing on first years.”

GBU-UR-Remera following a sermon
GBU-UR-Remera following a sermon

Gakuru Gad president of GBU-UR-Rubirizi says: “For us it is a bit different, we don’t have the first year, new students are always from other campuses and our challenge is to integrate them in our context but mostly they have heard about GBU before”

Mugisha Alain president of GBU-IPRC-Kigali says: “In order to welcome new students, this first week we had organized a seminar happening on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday with the theme of ‘Building on the true foundation’, thus helping new students to know about GBU and more importantly the true foundation of life.”

Rwagasore Prince President of GBU-UR-Nyarugenge says: “This year it is a bit different, we use to have an induction week for first years only but this year all years started at the same time and we couldn’t devote enough time to the welcoming of new students because the school schedule is already busy. But in spite of all the challenges we managed to organize something to help these students find their way: we made posters with the vision of GBU and its weekly programs and put them on notice boards all over the campus so that students can see them and know about GBU. We are also visiting students in their respective classrooms to tell them about GBU, though due to the poor coordination of first years in first days, the attendance in classrooms is still low. Some of us are also doing a door to door evangelism in campus hostels focusing on first years.”

GBU-UR-Nyarugenge's poster to introduce new students
GBU-UR-Nyarugenge’s poster to introduce new students

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  • posted by Tanga Claude Rwasamanzi / 2016-10-08 13:40:39

    Wow! May God keep on realizing his purpose through you! Courage

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