Testimony From A Former STEM

Testimony From A Former STEM

Posted on 2016-09-11 14:50:26     By Johnny TUYISHIMIRE


My names are Espoir MWUNGURA, I am a former NUR-Student, Being in STEM program has been Such a good experience, not just another opportunity to serve but also a favorable setting to be restored back in my fellowship with God, given that I had enough personal time with God. I have seen God´s hand as I was ministering in three GBUs of the Eastern province namely: UPU, INATEK and RcoE. During this period of time I learnt many things including: spending enough time with God alone, increasing my dependence on Him and I realized that He Himself deserve more attention than serving Him. I got to know how to live alone, managing the household facilities even the little money I had. I also learnt to be accountable. As for the GBUs there is a discipleship awareness that has been created mainly in GBU-UPU where most of GBU members are eager to grow into Christ likeness through discipleship (mass Bible Studies, and also in small groups) may all the glory be to God.

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