Small groups of bible study (cell) impacting lives -Testimony from UR-Nyugatare

Small groups of bible study (cell) impacting lives -Testimony from UR-Nyugatare

Posted on 2016-08-04 11:57:34     By Johnny TUYISHIMIRE

Berwa Shema Christian GBU-UR-Nyagatare

Berwa Shema Christian GBU-UR-Nyagatare

My names are Christian SHEMA BERWA, I am a student in UNIVERSITY OF RWANDA/Nyagatare campus, college of agriculture and veterinary medicine (CAVM). I am in 1st year agriculture mechanization.

I joined GBU since I got in the campus and we were told that there are small groups of bible study (cell) and they are the backbone of GBU, and it is required for each and every member of GBU to be an active member of a small group too, active to mean, willing to attend, to participate in discussions on bible study and to be involved in other small group activities. I willingly joined and I really found small groups so amazing and useful in a Christian’s life growing toward Christ’s likeness.

Through bible studies in cells, I discovered so many things I didn’t know before, in the book of first Timothy that we were doing this year, I have come to discover the truth behind false teachings and endless discussions that does not even contribute in anything to God’s work of sanctifying believers. Even though we did the same bible studies on Sunday morning, in cells it was more useful because everyone could participate no matter the little time due to the low number of people.

I have also learnt a great lesson apart from bible study, of being a close friend with saints. In our everyday life we really need some friends to lean on, sometimes even in our everyday life decisions, so it is more amazing when those friends are saints, you have the support and encouragement needed to reach what Christ holds for you.

As a conclusion, small groups of bible study (cells) have been very helpful to me and I am looking forward to keep participating in them for my remaining three years at the campus and through small groups to grow up to be an agent of godly transformation in church and society.

Testimony submitted May, 2016

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