Saved through evangelism at GBU-UR-Nyarugenge the testimony of Sunday David

Saved through evangelism at GBU-UR-Nyarugenge the testimony of Sunday David

Posted on 2016-08-03 17:46:02     By Johnny TUYISHIMIRE

Sanday David KATIMBA GBU-UR-Nyarugenge

Sanday David KATIMBA GBU-UR-Nyarugenge

Hello my brothers and sisters, my name is Sunday David, a student at CST Nyarugenge campus. I was saved in October of 2015 thanks to GBU that helped me confess, celebrated my 24th birthday this month.
I’ m compelled to share my salvation testimony to you, hoping it touches and serves a challenge in your life in the context of faith. My testimony is expressed in three parts. My life before Christ, how I come to Christ and how Christ changed my life


I came from a nominal Christian family, i.e. we were Protestants. As a young child of 8 or 10, I recall how I loved to sing the simple songs we were taught concerning God, and in my young years, as with many children, I was receptive to the things I heard in religious instruction. As I progressed into my teenage years, my life lost direction and was influenced by a lot that prevailed around me, I remember in my high school, I was totally driven and addicted to circular music that I could afford a night and time out to a night club.

My friends, by then I felt happy and proud of whatever I was doing, because I felt and actually believed that was for the “wise exposed people and sons of the rich”. Just two years to completion of my high school, I come to Rwanda where I completed my secondary school. While at school, I meet new friends thanks to Gatete David who emerged the first friend to me.
In Rwanda, the first friends I got were Christians and so I adopted new techniques of cheating on them and go for my stuff. This turned wild when I joined university and found new friends, who I helped and helped me do “bad and good” in “black and white”.

This gradually affected my life both directly and indirectly. All my three years at university I always experienced moments of no peace, worry a lot, loneliness, guilt, dissatisfaction with life and lived a life with no purpose. I mostly felt these when I was alone and caught into meditating about my life, when I saw my Christian friends make a difference in their life and looked at the brotherhood and love they had amongst them.

Shortly, this is a brief story of my life before Christ; thanks to God I was able to reveal my
truth and reality.

Their work took a long time, day to day and daily activity to preach to me the good news. We always discussed life issues in context to faith and I enjoyed opposing and creating challenges to them in my own understanding of the word of God. But still I had to cheat and get back to corners and do more nonreligious things. But as time went on, I was also challenged but could not reveal my thoughts and position, for example I remember when we read a bible verses in John 14:6 where Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No-one comes to the father except through me.” And more in Ecclesiastes 1:1-11 “the words of King Solomon”; these verses helped me think twice always. It was until I got tired of myself; you know holding myself the other side, opposing the good news and stop admiring my friends in salvation but also have a taste of the life in Christ. I take this opportunity to thank GBU, which did the follow-up upon my salvation. It is through GBU, I started to study the bible and also share my life experience in “DIVINE CELL”. Briefly, that’s my journey to Christ.

The day I committed my life to him, the whole day I was meditating on my decision and experienced unusual moments immediately, almost everyone was questioning if I truly gave my life to Jesus. To an extent, that every night I dreamed a lot. Jesus did great work in my life my dear friends, today I have peace in my heart, joy, friends, hope, good life free from sin, thirsty for the word of God and many good things. I was as able to stop one of the core addictions I had that’s “alcohol” thanks to Jesus. I have and still enjoy good life in Jesus Christ. I thought there was no good music than the funny circular music I loved most, but I truly tell you, one of the best things I have enjoyed and will always do, is “praise and worship”. This has partly helped me keep on the track and thank my savior for what he did for me.

Finally, I thank God from the bottom of my heart! And pray this testimony is a blessing to many.

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