Testimony -Esther Dusabe (GBU-UR-Huye Small Groups of Bible Study)

Testimony -Esther Dusabe (GBU-UR-Huye Small Groups of Bible Study)

Posted on 2016-07-27 11:44:40     By Johnny TUYISHIMIRE

Esther Dusabe GBU-UR-Huye

Esther Dusabe GBU-UR-Huye

Undoubtedly it was God’s plan that I be part of GBU and have a small group of bible study (cell).

It is a group where I have got friends that we share life and the word of GOD. I have been trained to read the bible and to lead others in sharing their insights on a passage. I always felt inferior in understanding scriptures and even shy to share what I think but through the love and humility of cell leaders, I got bold and found myself shouting and sharing with everyone.

I don’t regret being part of small group, I am so grateful instead; being in a small group helped me to work on different books like Colossians we did it 2014, acts 2015 and I Timothy 2016. it is not only a package but a foundation of my personal bible study as am leaving the campus, and it gave me skills to help others to interact with the bible too.





Testimony submitted in May 2016

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