Going back to the sound foundation and structure of GBUR ministry

Going back to the sound foundation and structure of GBUR ministry

Posted on 2016-06-08 10:04:31     By Johnny TUYISHIMIRE

After farewell (handover) parties that marked the ends of the 2015-2016 academic year in GBUs all over the country, students saying goodbye to their finalists and ushering in new leader; in the weekend of 27th to 29th May, 2016 GBUR office through its ministry lane of leadership development had organized a two days training for new GBU leaders, to be equipped with biblical principles to model servant leadership.

GBUR Chairman addressing students leaders

GBUR Chairman addressing students leaders


GBUR leadership training started on Friday 27th May, 2016; participants arrived around 6pm as scheduled and after registration and presentations, they were introduced to the history and the background of GBUR in particular and IFES (International Fellowship of Evangelical Students) movement in general.

In a session led by Slydio Dusabumuremyi a former general secretary of GBUR, through an expository preaching of a passage in Isaiah 55, he explained the fullness of life in God’s word (Bible), the fullness, that can never be guaranteed anywhere else, except in the word of God (Bible), on which GBUR ministry is centered; and through a presentation of a historical background, he explained the evolution of GBUR ministry since its creation in 1984 until now.

Slydio Dusabumuremyi for GS of GBUR preaching

Slydio Dusabumuremyi former GS of GBUR preaching


In the opening remark, GBUR chairman, Mabasi Sindano Albert on the next day, briefed participants about what is expected from them as they serve their term as leaders in GBU.

The chairman told participants that in order to build a solid structure an architect must have both a sound foundation and a vision of what the building will look like once completed. And from the passage in 1corinthians 3.10-15 the chairman explained how concerning matters of ministry, there is a foundation laid by Christ himself as the chief builder, which is the great commission as read in Mathew 28.19-20; from that foundation GBUR has drawn its vision “for every student and graduate to be an agent of godly transformation in church and society” to achieve that vision we reach, equip and mobilize. The role of a leader in GBU is to find out how to advance that vision; nothing more nothing less.

The chairman also emphasized on what it takes to be a good leader, here he underlined the difference between character and charisma; and concluded that leaders should draw their charisma on character, since our business is to impact people not to impress them, and you can impress people from a distance but you can impact them only upfront.

GBUR Chairman Mabasi Sindano Albert

GBUR Chairman Mabasi Sindano Albert


Throughout this training, GBUR staff took turns to explain GBUR ministry while also exchanging with participants about both what is going on in the ministry and what needs to be done to improve. GBUR staff explained GBUR ministry’s philosophy, principles of action, ministry overview and the profile of an agent of godly transformation as dreamed in the vision of GBUR “for every student and graduate to be an agent of Godly Transformation in church and society”

The dreamed agent of godly transformation is none other than the disciple Jesus Christ displayed in Mathew 28.19-20; this is someone who models  scriptural ministry in the church and integrity in the market place. Scriptural ministry through sound biblical truth from the pulpit, discipleship (reproduction) as a priority, and servant leadership. Integrity in the market place through excellence in his work (excellence is based on the fear of God not his boss), meeting the standards set for the work, technical mastery of his work, respects of work regulations and anti-corruption values.

And it has been emphasized that leaders in GBU must always have in minds the agent of godly transformation dreamed about, not programs. Programs should always be means to create the dreamed agent of godly transformation.

Shyaka Alex GBUR staff talking to GBU leaders

Shyaka Alex GBUR staff talking to GBU leaders


The ends the academic year ends with the term of NASEC (National Students Executive Committee) and RSEC(Regisonal Students Executive Committee) which are the representatives of students on the national and regional level in GBUR ministry. Students leaders took advantage of the gathering to elect their new representatives.


NASEC 2016 with the chairman (from left President: MUNGANYIZI Lauson, Secretary: UMUTONI Gloria, GBUR chairman (in blue), Vice-president: TUMUSIME Enos )



RSEC with Students Coordinator (From left MIREMBE Jacky Secretary RSEC-Kigali, MUTAMBA Joyce Secretary RSEC-North-West, IKUZWE Secretary RSEC-South, BERWA Christian Secretary RSEC-East, -, KAGAME Alex Chairman RSEC-Kigali )


The training was concluded by a prayer session, praying for the ministry in general and the elected leaders in particular.

Group photo

GBUR leadership training 2016 all participants


We thank God for his provision throughout this training and we pray that this new leaders of GBUs will attempt great things for God as they expect great things from God!

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  • posted by Gad Gakuru / 2016-06-17 13:33:55

    May God bless and strengthen you for the information updates. We are hopefully know that the Gospel will spread across the world.

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