Equipping student leaders for the work of ministry

Equipping student leaders for the work of ministry

Posted on 2018-02-09 11:23:46     By Johnny TUYISHIMIRE

In the weekend of 2-4th February, GBUR organized a national leadership training. It brought together 45 selected GBU leaders from all over the country. The theme was “to equip the saints for the work of ministry.”


In this training student leaders were helped to better understand different aspects of GBUR ministry as an evangelical, interdenominational, and para-church movement. Among the topics covered are GBUR faith statements, principles of action, profile of an agent of Godly transformation as stated in our vision, and the basics of Christian leadership.




In small groups, students were given opportunity to discuss the challenges they face in engaging the university with gospel and the strategies to overcome those challenges.



Judith Uwanziga, vice president of GBU-IPRC-Kigali, when asked three new things she has learned in this training she said: “First, GBU history, it made me realize the value of GBU and what it costed for those who founded this ministry. Second, the continuity of this ministry after the campus, I thought once I finish the college it is over. But now, I know better, I am even going to be mobilizing others that this ministry does not end with our campus time. Third, servant leadership, I thought I just had to fulfill my task on the action plan, but I never considered get involved with the life of members to just serve them. But, now I know that that is the right thing to do since you cannot lead someone without knowing his/her problem. I am there to serve them not for them to serve me.” Asked if her expectations were met, she answered: “Yes, I wanted to know the core values of GBU, its beliefs, how it come to happen and how I can lead in that context. And, all of that was covered. Thank God.”







To the participants, the organizing team, and all of you our esteemed partners; May the Lord bless you!









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