Biblical perspectives on contemporary issues - Ezra 2015

Biblical perspectives on contemporary issues - Ezra 2015

Posted on 2015-06-17 11:40:32     By Johnny TUYISHIMIRE

As long as we have to live for God without withdrawing from the culture in which we are living; Ezra generation conference seeks to teach Christian doctrine and to help delegates develop Biblical perspectives on various contemporary issues. in this Ezra 2015, Speakers with reliable experience and ability have been called out to give seminars on contemporary issues that are facing christian life. Following is a summary of what is being covered in different workshops.



Time management; (Busyness & Tyranny of the Urgent)

We all have 24 hours a day! How comes that some people achieve more than others? How can good time management help in developing a devotional life to Christ? What are the key principles in this are? How we can prioritize what you are involved in according the time and your personal relationship with God is not affected.

Scriptural Evangelism

Evangelism is a key element not only in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ but also in every Christian’s life. However, it has been abandoned to the “called and gifted Evangelists”. What does the bible say about Evangelism? Is every sermon from the Bible and Evangelistic one? What are the key elements of an evangelistic message? How to bring back the evangelistic lifestyle of the early church in our daily life today?

Developing a reading Culture

May be you heard the saying that if you want to hide something an African put it between pages of a book. They will never find it since they don’t like reading. Most of Rwandese people don’t have the culture of reading books, newspapers. Even Christians don’t read their Bibles and other good literature available. What is the use of reading different books? How to develop and sustain this reading culture in one’s life. This workshop will encourage participants to develop the culture of reading.

Prosperity Gospel

Prosperity Gospel: a biblical response: the gospel of seed for prosperity and health were introduced in the church of Africa which as expected, was hungry for riches and health. Whereas the Bible has a lot to say on prosperity and health it is a biblical truth that has been twisted to make some individuals achieve personal gain. This workshop will provide the biblical basis of prosperity and at the same time counter every half truths and lies that have been propagated.

Simple lifestyle

The gospel of prosperity does not leave a room for simple life. The world in its endeavor to make life better and world safer, have complicated things but life as God intended should be simple and enjoyable to all who trust in Him. How do we cultivate the discipline of simple lifestyle for the of the Gospel?

Social media and the gospel

Social media is no longer what we do but something part of us. How can media be better use by the church to propagate the gospel especially in reaching younger people? what are the opportunities available in media that the church can use as strategy to spread the gospel.

Agent of Godly Transformation in the Market place

Majority of believers spend most of the time where they work or study. They interact with their colleague in the office, classroom, staffrooms, workshops and in many other similar forums. How does one minister to his colleagues without jeopardizing the work place? How much one is supposed to do ? when and where should one do the actual reaching out?

The Cost of Discipleship

The cost of following Christ has the component of denying, taking their cross and following Him. Explore with the participants how on daily basis, we are asked to count the cost of following Christ. What is the place of suffering and facing want in making us more and more disciples of Christ and how does this play in an era of prosperity and name it claim it “gospel”

Nurturing an new believer

We often preach to people to receive Christ we put a lot of efforts in reaching them  but very little in nurturing them to maturity. The objectives of this workshop is to clarify what nurture of new believers entails, its importance the practical way on how to go about it

Crossing Borders

Today about 40% of the worlds population is unevangelized. Meaning that this population has never heard the gospel, and will never, unless the of church of Christ, those who know Him and are called by His name, deliberately seek to take the light of the gospel to them. Otherwise, they will continue to live and die oblivious of the fact that Christ ever came to the world or even died for them. What is the responsibility of the average Christian student and graduate in Rwanda to the above fact? How can we consciously develop a people that will think of becoming a light and salt of the world? The call of Christ still is to make disciples of all Nations. Facts show that the remaining missionary task of taking the gospel to a world still in darkness requires career missionaries but people who are bi-vocational and strategic. How does the Rwandan student, and university graduate, fit into this?

Spiritual disciplines: Devotional life

Discipline is defined as “training expected to produce a specific character or pattern of behavior.” Discipline is not part of the sin nature, but it is a natural component of the Christian life. In fact, almost nothing of any significance in our lives ever accomplished without it. spiritual disciplines can be described as those behaviors that augment our spiritual growth and enable us to grow to spiritual maturity. This process of spiritual growth and development begins to take place the moment a person encounters the risen Christ and comes to him for salvation. What can you do to continue to grow spiritual? What are the essential disciplines that can help a believer to grow?

Unity and reconciliation

The most obvious case of societal breakdown base non negative ethnicity is Rwanda. The genocide of 1994 killed almost a million people in a nation that was thought to be more than 80% Christian. However there is a an untold story, which is that Rwanda today is an expression of God’s grace and witness to the possibility of forgiveness even the most impossible situations. Knowing that the process  of Reconciliation is an overarching process that includes the elements of healing and forgiveness, how can we help Christians experience inner healing of their wounds and find grace to forgive or repent?

The gospel of grace

Today as some believe in salvation by works, whereby eternal life is a merit of one’s works and righteousness, others on the other extreme believe in salvation by grace where grace is misinterpreted and abused. This new gospel of grace preaches that your deeds, your behavior do not matter at all, you can even go on sinning provided that you have faith in Jesus Christ. Thus, making salvation an engagement without any implication or responsibility. Is this the real salvation by grace taught by the Bible? What is the real place of our deeds if we are saved by grace? How can we go about our salvation by grace?

Christian in community development

Someone said “if you give aid -when it runs out, that’s it. But if you help people through a process of self directed change, they will continue and teach others.” Community development has evolved over the past few decades into a recognized discipline of interest to both practitioners and academicians. However, community development is defined in many different ways. Most practitioners think of community development as an outcome while most academicians think of it as a process. How does Christians become Salt and Light in the community to the level of bringing holistic transformation?

Workshop on Social media by Pr Didier HABIMANA

Workshop on Social media by Pr Didier HABIMANA

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