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President’s Announcement

Posted on January 19, 2018     By Groupe Biblique Universitaire -Kicukiro College of Technology GBU-KCT

Groupe Biblique Universitaire¬†from Kicukiro College of technology’s President Mugisha Alain wish success to all GBU Members who are in the period of Exam , also he is¬†reminding them that they must raise the glory of God in all areas including academic performance, he is encouraging them Work hard … God Bless You!!!

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God’s Faithfulness, GBU-KCT

Posted on December 22, 2016     By Johnny

In order to welcome freshers, GBU-KCT introduced an induction week, after students had settled, a discipleship training program was organized in which 17 said yes to Jesus and joined a discipleship class meeting weekly, as other GBU activities continues such as fellowships, training and seminars. Till last Saturday where they was a mission awareness seminar unfolding God’s global purpose!

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17 saved through Discipleship Training program

Posted on November 8, 2016     By Johnny

It happened this Saturday 5th November, with students from Kicukiro college of Technology who attended a Discipleship training program organized by Dominique and his wife Arlene who also opened their home for ministry hosting this training in their home. Different topics were covered, among which the assurance of salvation; what is discipleship; the cost of […]

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GBU in the new academic year 2016-2017

Posted on September 27, 2016     By Johnny

GBUR being a continuation of the gospel movement in the Rwandan student world, we always move with the academic timeline; after the leadership training to equip new student leaders and the joining of new campus staff, the awaited academic year 2016-2017 has finally started, on the 13th for university of Rwanda (UR) and the 19th […]

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Ibirori byo kwakira abayobozi bashya no gushimira abacyuye igihe muri GBU-IPRC-Kigali

Posted on June 22, 2016     By Johnny

GBU ikorera muri IPRC- Kigali izwi nka GBU/KCT, Kuri uyu wa gatandatu tariki 06/05/2016, habayemo igikorwa ngaruka mwaka cyo guhererekanya ububasha (HANDOVER) ,Ndetse no gushimira hanasengerwa abanyeshuri barangiza umwaka wa gatatu. Aho cyari cyitabiriwe n’abantu bingeri zose baturutse mubice bitandukanye by’igihugu kuko harimo abanyeshuri benshi basoje mumwaka yashize(graduates).       Muri iki gikorwa twari […]

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