Rural Outreach in GBUR

In Rwanda many places especially in rural areas evangelical churches are still few in numbers and members. The church in those areas needs to be helped to enhance their ability to evangelize and follow up of new converts. While a large part of Rwanda is still rural, some of GBU members have no idea what life is like in countryside of Rwanda and these are the people we are expecting to be agents of godly transformation in the society. GBU members need to be helped to understand life in the countryside of Rwanda.

In an outreach a couple of evangelistic activities are organized by students and church members to evangelize the community and train church members to effectively evangelize and follow up on new converts. GBU members being accommodated in normal families in the countryside the whole time of the outreach, they learn the families ‘daily living, their realities and challenges. Through an outreach in rural area, we also equip GBU members for missions as they leave their comfort zone and go in a different environment for the sake of the gospel.

As a matter of funding and organization, GBU in consultation with local churches identifies needs in the area and right strategies to address them are developed. Once strategies are established and the budget is set, GBU is responsible of raising the needed budget though if possible the church may top up and to provide a team of students to do the task while the church is responsible of providing the team to partner with students and families to host those students.

Activities organized include but are not limited to crusades, door to door evangelism, streets preaching, follow up of new converts trainings, effective evangelism trainings, healing & reconciliation trainings and humanitarian acts.

As a result, the church is empowered, the people are reached with the gospel, GBU members are equipped for missions and the cooperation between the church and GBU is emphasized and this is also Godly transformation

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