About Us

GBUR, Groupe Biblique Universitaire du Rwanda is an Evangelical, interdenominational and parachurch Christian Organization bringing together students from Higher learning institutions of Rwanda. It is affiliated to the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES). It formally started in 1984, under the name of GBU by the students of the National University of Rwanda in Butare (actual Huye). GBUR is a ministry that seeks to contribute with other components of the body of Christ to bring about in Rwanda and beyond the fullness of life promised in the word of God. We prepare students to agent of Godly transformation in various area of life in Churches and society as God´s calling will lead them. The process continues beyong campus when as graduates they are involved in different professional fields and ministries in churches, Christian organizations, public and private institutions.       Read more about GBUR History

Our mission & vision

  • Vision

    "GBUR vision is to see every Student and Graduate becoming an agent of Godly transformation in Church and Society"

  • Mission

    We exist to reach out to students in Higher Learning Institutions of Rwanda with the gospel, to equip them to be mature disciples of Jesus Christ and to mobilize them to be agents of godly transformation in church and society.  To achieve its mission, our ministry to the students goes through four lanes that overlap as consecutive stages of development.    

  • Values

    • The Bible our base of thought and action
    • Unity in diversity to appreciate our differences as marks of beauty and means of mutual enrichment
    • Integrity harmony of beliefs and behaviors, of private and public life
    • People to serve people, not to use them
    • Excellence offering the best of quality in our service to God and to people
    • Team work not 'I' but 'WE' in decision making and service delivery

  • Our distinctives

    • Focus on students in our programs
    • Evangelical in theology
    • Interdenominational in membership
    • Autonomous in leadership and funding

our staff


GBUR´s four ministry lanes and their objectives

GBUR´s four ministry lanes and their objectives

  • Leadership development

    We equip our members with Biblical principles and skills of leadership to model servant leadership as they prepare to take active part in the social life and in the church. This is done through different leadership opportunity for students, teachings, trainings and conferences.

  • Cross cultural Mission

    We develop the awareness of the need and the readiness of sharing the gospel in a cross-cultural context. We want our students not only to be good disciples who live and love the Word of God but also to be ready to share the Gospel and make disciples in a cross-cultural context.