Healing and Reconciliation in GBUR

Proverbs 17.22: A cheerful heart is is good medecine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.

Healing ministry in GBUR falls under the second objective of discipleship. As we seek to nurture our members in mature Disciples of Christ, we want them to receive the full benefits of the cross, among them the inner healing and the power of forgiveness and reconciliation.

The healing ministry in UGBR started 5 years after the Tutsi genocide of 1994. It was when a group of Tutsi and Hutu students from GBU in the National University of Rwanda were together praying in 1999. They suddenly started talking about their wounds, shame, and bitterness. They repented, forgave and reconciled with one another. The group continued to grow as they met and prayed and discussed until the group was recognized by GBU as a department of Healing ministry.

The department went on organizing conferences, trainings and seminars to spread the healing message in the campus community. Since then the healing ministry was given a particular place in GBUR because we had realized that it is what Rwandese need to come back to God but also to come back together as one people, one nation for God´s glory.

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