Discipleship Training Program (DTP)

DTP is a short training program, to introduce participants to the basics of discipleship. Among many others the fullness of life in Christ, the assurance of salvation and forgiveness, spiritual disciplines, the cost of discipleship, all covered to lay a foundation and to instill the passion for discipleship work.

The case of the church of Rwanda and basic needs of new convert have compelled GBUR, to identify two main focus of a Discipleship training program as prepared for mostly first year students. DTP focuses on [1] Assurances (of salvation, of victory, of the Holy Spirit's presence :those privileges that go with being a child of God) [2] Spiritual disciplines (spending time with God, fellowship, witnessing :those things we are encouraged by the word of God for our spiritual growth)

After the training, participants are encouraged to join small groups of discipleship, where they work together with both their fellows and a disciple-maker to keep feeding from the word of God and to train themselves in spiritual disciplines; As the Lord keeps ministering to them toward Christlikeness and through them toward disciple making as life style.

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