Training on Expository preaching

Expository preaching, the proclamation of God's word using biblical context as the main basis for explanation. we train our members in expository preaching because we understand that a sound biblical truth from the pulpit is the main way through which the church is edified. After all, the bible alone has supreme authority in all matters of faith and conduct.

the goal of expository preaching is to expose-that is, bring into clear view-at least three things: (1) the meaning of the text; (2) the majesty and beauty of the God who spoke the text; (3) the response called for by the text. The foundation of expository preaching is the bible while its focus is exegesis (critical explanation or interpretation of text) and its method explanation.

It is our conviction that expository preaching should be the foundation of the pulpit ministry of a healthy, gospel-centered, Christ-focused church because mainly these three reasons:

1. Expository Preaching self-consciously submits to the authority of the text and the author(s) of Scripture.

2. Expository Preaching is best positioned to hear the authoritative voice of God through preaching.

3. Expository Preaching is best positioned to build a biblical worldview in the preacher and the congregation.

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