About Cross-cultural Mission in GBUR

Acts 13.47: For this is what the Lord has commanded us: ´I have appointed you to be a light for the Gentiles, to bring salvation to the ends of the earth.´

We, in GBUR, develop the awareness of the need and the readiness of sharing the gospel in a cross-cultural context. We believe missions to be the climax of Discipleship, therefore we want our students not only to be good disciples who live and love the Word of God but also to be ready to share the Gospel and make disciples in cross-cultural context.

However, since GBU is a movement where students keep coming and going, GBUR needs to be creating opportunities for students to hear about missions and how they can be involved. GBUR has been conducting mission awareness conferences, Kairos courses and mission exposure trips in order to sensitize students on the need and urgency of carrying the Good News to the nations.

GBUR´s Cross cultural mission activities

GBUR´s Cross cultural mission activities

  • Mission weeks on Campus

    Mission weeks involves a serie of activities organized by students from their campus with a focus on least reached people groups. Activities includes but not limited at Prayer sessions, Seminars, discussion, door to door evangelism, around campus evangelism, etc.

  • Mission Awareness Conferences

    Mission awareness Conference are orgainized to awaken the Church of Rwanda, especially Christian University Students to play their Role in God's Global Mission.

  • Kairos Course

    Kairos Course is a dynamic course of 5days that focuses on what God is doing around the world, in fulfillment of His global purpose: to have a people, recreated in Christ, representing all nations on earth and fully yielded to His kingship. It is designed to educate and mobilize Christians into strategic, 21st century, world Christian mission.

  • Mission Exposure Trip

    Mission exposure trips are organized to help participants see God's heart for the nations and be exposed to the reality of cross-cultural mission work of reaching the least reached people groups: where there is no viable church to evangelize its own people.

  • Mission Outreach to Rural areas

    There are many places especially rural areas of Rwanda where evangelical churches are very few in number and members. The students organize strategic outreach in partnership with local churches to evangelize and equip local Christians for follow up. We call it mission because it reaching out to other people outside of our fellow students and neighbors. But in mission term it is evangelism because we are reaching our fellow Rwandan.