Mission weeks on Campus

God has been at work since the beginning of time to fulfill his own purpose (Isaiah 46.9b-10) and God's ultimate purpose is to have people, recreated in Christ, representing all nations on earth. Mission weeks on campus are designed to raise the awareness of participants to the need for cross cultural mission reaching those who have never heard the gospel before or where there is no viable church that can evangelize its own people.

During mission weeks we want students to understand God's heart for all nation and give them the state of world evangelization today and challenge them on how they can be involved either through prayer, Giving (Supporting those who Go) and Consider how God can use their carriers to fulfill the great Commission.

In a mission weeks on campus, different mission activities are organized to preach and teach the purpose of God to reach the human kind. Activities organized are prayer network for least reached people group (LRPs), projection of mission awareness movies, mission awareness seminars, debates on topics related to cross-cultural mission, etc.

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