Leadership Training in GBU

The main leadership training is organized by GBUR every year for all leaders of GBUs from all over the country to learn biblical principles to model servant leadership in GBUR students ministry. In this training GBU leaders are equipped in character development of a godly leader and the essentials of student ministry in such a way that gives them skills on vision setting, strategic planning, organization, coordination, implementation, reporting monitoring and evaluation

After this training, GBU leaders in partnership with the national office are required to organize leadership training in their respective GBUs for leaders (and potential leaders) of different entities in GBU (executive committee, head of departments, group leaders (choirs, intercessors, etc.), small group leaders (cells), etc.) to be equipped with biblical principles to model servant leadership on their own.

In leadership training in GBU, we want to ensure that every leader in GBU understand the character development of godly leader and the basics of leadership skills. We want to prepare those whom we know are future leaders in society and church for them to become leaders of integrity, leaders who are ready and willing to serve those they lead, leaders with skills and good character, leaders who use their power not for themselves but rather for the interest of all.

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