Friendship Evangelism

Most of the time people reject not the Gospel or Jesus but the package in which we offer it, this is a "Christianity" which is more of cultural than scriptural. While this is real with cross-cultural mission, it may serve as warning for all matters of evangelism: we have to first build a kind of bridges of trust that bear the weight of truth.

Friendship evangelism is all about building relationship with people in our surroundings with the intention to share the Gospel with them. It begins with us having a deep and viable relationship with the living God. That places you in a position of strength. Friendship Evangelism means "caring" for people. "The best evangelism takes place in a context of mutual trust and respect. It takes place between friends."

while the church suffer the tyranny of postmodern gospel that changed the preaching ministry into an art of persuasion, friendship evangelism relies on evangelistic bible study where the participants naturally get to know Jesus Christ rather than the facts about Christianity. The aim is to get non-Christians to thoroughly deal with Jesus Christ who is entitled to our deepest love and faithfulness.

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