We appreciate you praying with us for the fruitfulness of the ministry among students, the following are our current prayer requests:
  1. Pray for the students of GBUs from different Campus to have a courage to spread the gospel and to be filled with love , joy, and peace that flows from our almighty God
  2. Pray for the true gospel to be preached and grasped among the students and those believed to be helped to grow
  3. Give Praise for new staffs including new General Secretary of GBUR and pray that God may use them actively.
  4. Pray for financial sustainability for the ministry
  5. Pray for the active involvement and commitment of the graduates to the ministry
  6. Pray more labors among students
  7. Pray for student to be excellent and effective in their academics.
  8. Pray for students who don't have a bursary and it is affecting their studies and their involvement the ministry. Pray for that may God provide the school fees and the stability for their student life and Christian life as well