How to start a new GBU at the campus

GBU at campus is a students movements initiated, led and ran by students sharing and living out the good news of Jesus Christ at the campus generation after generation.

I. Conditions

  1. GBU is all about students, In order to start a GBU one must first and foremost be a student
  2. GBU is a faith based movement, To start a GBU one must embrace Our faith statement
  3. GBU is a ministry with a purpose and a vision, To start a GBU one must embrace Our vision and mission
  4. GBU is for people, To start a GBU you need at least Three students

II. Process

  1. Once you have three students who are evangelical christians, they need to organize themselves for at least one consistent meeting per week around the Bible
  2. After these students have managed to organize themselves for a consistent once per week meeting, they need to contact GBUR office for an orientation training
  3. From the orientation training, they are taught all the basics they need to run as a GBU, mainly: Understanding GBU ministry, Inductive Bible Study, Devotional life, Small groups of Bible study and servant leadership.
  4. After the orientation training, with evangelism and mobilization, as the small group grows, once it reaches at least ten members the group has to sprit into two small groups and students continue to meet regulary in their small groups but this time they have to add another day where all groups meet in a single fellowship. Then other activities are added as the GBU grows.