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GBU UR Nyarugenge welcomed new members

It was on Friday 30th September at GBU UR Nyarugenge Campus, they organized a special event to welcome new students who have joined GBU from both  secondary schools (Freshers) and other campuses (those who come at Nyarugenge in their 2nd and 4th year from other colleges). Throughout this event, GBU leaders explained to new comers the […]

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GBU in the new academic year 2016-2017

GBUR being a continuation of the gospel movement in the Rwandan student world, we always move with the academic timeline; after the leadership training to equip new student leaders and the joining of new campus staff, the awaited academic year 2016-2017 has finally started, on the 13th for university of Rwanda (UR) and the 19th […]

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Saved through evangelism at GBU-UR-Nyarugenge the testimony of Sunday David

I was totally driven and addicted to circular music so that as a teenager in high school, I could afford a night and time out to a night club, and I actually believed that was for the “wise exposed people and sons of the rich”. I got saved on the 18th October of 2015 in GBU. When I got saved I was lead through a sinner’s prayer thanks to the president of GBU by then, Isabwe Egide. I was so lucky that among the many friends I had, some were true believers and so they truly helped me know Christ.

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