Stand firm with faith, love, and hope in the Lord Jesus Christ despite opposition, fully assured that Jesus will return to rescue us from wrath for resurrection life with him.

When we read through the pages of Paul’s first letter to the Thessalonians’ church we soon realize that the believers are very young in the faith. They needed reassurance about their genuine conversion to God’s gospel in the face of persecution (1:3-10; 2:13-16), reminding that Paul’s ministry among them was genuine (2:1-12, 2:17-3:13), and teaching on specific issues on how to endure faithfully as Christians with hope in Jesus’ return (4:1-5:28).

Today many are the Christians who would like to serve the Lord but avoid anything that has to do with hardship or persecution on their behalf. Because of this, there many mission fields left without laborers and the few who dared to go, have done it with compromise. But the scriptures show plainly that while the Lord sends them for his mission he makes it clear that there will be challenges to face. He promises his ever presence with them but no soft journey.

We hear so many things that it takes much conscious effort to choose what to and what not to believe. As we study this book, we look at the Galatians and understand what they were going through, then evaluate ourselves against their experiences.

The Epistle of Paul to the Ephesians is known for not being written to point out and refute any errors which would have sprung up in the church at Ephesus. However, it is full of not only doctrinal teaching but also practical ones for the church in Ephesus.