After school, students who graduate do not disappear. They join Graduates Ministry, where they have fellowships known as bible study meetings and other activities. They also support the ministry to the students and act as agent of Godly transformation in their professions, churches, family life and society.

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GBUR Graduates´ area of service in ministry

GBUR Graduates´ area of service in ministry

  • STEM

    STEM stands for Short Term Experience in Ministry, STEM is a GBUR program for fresh graduates mostly, where they are given an opportunity to serve God with GBUR as full time ministers in students ministry on a short-term basis (one year). STEMers are provided with primary access to all GBUR trainings as a way to equip them for the ministry.

  • ATS

    An Associate Training Secretary is a graduate member of GBUR, available and able to serve in students ministry as a part time staff of GBUR without a salary, willing to use his free time and money to minister among students for one year or more.

  • Office Volonteering

    Considering the size of GBUs, GBUR as an office is understaffed, thus under the same line as ATS ministry, willing graduates volonteer for different office works investing both their skills and time to improve the service offered by GBUR to its beneficiaries —students. You can contact GBUR office for available opportunities.

  • Presence Ministry

    GBUR is a mouvement, students keep coming and going, it is of an incomparable value, for students at the campus, to be with someone who has already gone through what they are living now. thus willing graduates, volonteer to attend GBU services at the campus where they can play an advisory role to students executive committee.