Christ Ambassadors in the Market Place (CAMP) is a movement of Christians in the market place from different denominations with a vision from God aimed at equipping the body of Christ to become agents of godly transformation in their respective places of work.

The bible calls all believers ambassadors of the kingdom of heaven on earth. (2 Cor 5:21) who have heavenly message of reconciliation of God and people on earth. Therefore, we believe we are God's ambassadors wherever we are whether be at work place, community, church, mission fields or family.

CAMP comes to reconnect the worlds of work and faith by equipping believers in the market place with basic tools that all followers of Jesus should carry with them on the Job: Calling, Service, Character and Skills so that people of faith do not go to the market place to only make a living but to rather make an eternal difference in their lives and the lives of those they come in contact with.

This is in line with what John the Baptist told professionals who were converted as noted in Luke 3:12-14. They came to him wondering whether they have to resign from what has always been named as secular so they could live a sacred life. To the revenue officers he said "collect no more than what is appointed for you". To security agents he said "do not intimidate anyone or accuse falsely and be content with your wages".

CAMP 's main activities
»Partner with and empower lunch-hour fellowships for staff in work places
»Conduct an annual conference to equip people of faith as well as evangelizing non-believers.
»Conduct seminars tailored for specific disciplines (engineers, managers, doctors, etc.) to polish leadership skills and address prevailing needs
»Coach companies and CEOs to grow their companies based on Godly principles
»Mobilize a volunteering work force that will deliver solutions to identified affected communities without any cost.